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Electronics-World-1959-05 THE TREASURE CHEST THAT'S NEVER EMPTY Brings more dollars to C -D distributors FILLED WITH "GOOD -AS -GOLD" C -D CAPACITORS. Here's the smart, modern way to keep your working capacitor stock shipshape. Each chest comes - with a fast -moving assortment of C.D "Preferred" type twist -prongs, "Blue Beavers," and Mylar Tubulars -buy them and you get the chests FREE. Speed up your work...establish customer confidence with Consistently Dependable C -D capacitors from your own Treasure Chests. See them at your distributor or write for Bulletin to Cornell -Dubilier Electric Corporation, South Plainfield, New Jersey. ons' 0 ' '1I Bependabte ORNELL- UBILIER SERVICE CAPACITORS of General Ultrasonics Company, a subsidiary. * * E. W. KINGSBERY, JR. sales manager and a executive board of Clarostat Mfg. Co., Inc. Mr. Kingsbery has been associated with firms supplying technical components to the electronic, missile. and aircraft industries. ' among them Bendix Aviation, Vectron (now Itek). CGS Laboratories, and Eleetrol Hydraulics. More recently he was in charge of a sales firm supplying components for such missiles as the "Atlas," "Redstone," and "Polaris." * * * RAYTHEON MANUFACTURING COM- PANY has a new office at the Solar Building, 1000 Sixteenth Street, N.W., Washington, D. C. . . . HOWARD W. SAMS & CO., INC. has established its first branch office in New York City. The office will occupy space at the new Corning Glass Building. 56th and Fifth Avenue, now being completed. * s CHARLES W. MARTEL has been named advertising and sales promotion manager for the semiconductor division of Raytheon Manufacturing Company. His duties will in- clude direction of national advertising and sales promotion for the firm's transistors and semiconductor diodes and its power rectifiers. Mr. Martel has been with the company since 1936, serving in various sales engineering, technical sales promotion, and technical information capacities. Most recently he was manager. technical information service. In this post he handled advertising and the dissemination of technical information on the firm's semiconductors and industrial tubes. s is now general member of the r--71::r17 THE NATIONAL STEREOPHONIC RADIO COMMITTEE, formed by EIA, has an- nounced the following appointments: Donald G. Fink. Philco Corp., chairman of Co- ordination Committee; Charles J. Hirsch, executive vice- president of Hazeltine Research Corp., chairman of Panel 1- System Specifications; Axel Jensen, retired director of audio and visual engineering. Bell Telephone Labs., chairman of Panel 2- Interconnecting Facilities; Ralph N. Harmon, director and vice -president engineering, Westinghouse Broadcast- ing Co.. chairman of Panel 3- Broadcast Transmitters; J. N. Benjamin, president of David Bogen Co., chairman of Panel 4- Broadcast Receivers; A. Prose Walker, manager, engineering dept., NAB, chairman of Panel 5- Field Testing; and Dr. A. N. Goldsmith, chairman of Panel 6- Subjective Aspect. -30- 26 ELECTRONICS WORLD a

LET RCA TRAIN YOU IN ELECTRONICS RCA Institutes celebrates Fifty Years of Electronic Training by introducing its newest Home Study Course . . ELECTRONICS FOR AUTOMATION ... Now you have four comprehensive courses for your electronic training ... from basic electronic theory to the more advanced principles of color TV and Automation. Electronic Fundamentals Electronics for Automation Color Television Practical work with the very first lesson. Pay -as- you -learn. You need pay for only one study group at a time. Send for our 64 page Home Study Catalog FREE! RCA INSTITUTES, Inc. Home Study School, Dept. RN -S9 A Service of Rodio Corporation of America 350 West Fourth Street, New York 14, N. Y. Without obligation, send me the FREE catalog of Home Study Courses. No salesman will call. Nome Address OI.nSe Print City Zone... .. State FOR RESIDENT SCHOOL COURSES SEE AD ON OPPOSITE PAGE May, 1959 i Korean Vetsl Enter Discharge Date CANADIANS - Take advantage of these same RCA courses at no additional cost. No postage, no customs, no delay. Send coupon to RCA Victor Company, Ltd., 5001 Cote de Liesse Rd., Montreal 9, Quebec To save time, poste coupon on pos,card. 27

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