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Electronics-World-1959-05 The Dream Amplifier Hum and Noise: Only 1/1000th of 1% of full rated output! IM Distortion: Less than 0.08% (European CCIR standards.) THE FISHER .: Laboratory Standard Stereophonic 60 -Watt Amplifier Hum and noise content less than 0.00001 part of full rated output (1 /1000th of 1%! ) Distortion -free audio power at ALL listening levels. Less than 0.1% harmonic distortion at full rated output. Optimum fidelity with ALL existing speakers, BOTH low - efficiency and high! Uniform response from 20 to 20,000 cps, within +0 and -0.5 db. Only FISHER could have produced so unique an instrument, and at such moderate cost. The SA -300 will match any existing speaker, and supply the distortion -free power all speakers require for optimum results. When using low- efficiency, high - compliance systems, the SA -300 is an absolute prerequisite for professional sound reproduction! With this amazing instrument, even your choice of enclosures is less critical. The SA -300 actually permits you to obtain the damping factor your system requires! Complementing this FISHER exclusive is still another - TWO inputs for each channel ( one for standard response, and one with controlled frequency response to improve high frequency reproduction!) The dream amplifier has, indeed, become a reality. This is it! $169.50 Slightly Higher in the Far West WRITE TODAY FOR COMPLETE SPECIFICATIONS FISHER RADIO CORPORATION 21-3844th DRIVE LONG ISLAND CITY. N. Y. 28 Export: Morhon Exporting Corp.. 458 Broadway, Now York 13, N. Y. ELECTRON!CS WORLD - Alli 111II II _'' O Latest Information on the Electronic Industry By ELECTRONICS WORLD'S WASHINGTON EDITOR EARTHQUAKES NOW BEING REPORTED BY AUTOMATIC RADIO TO OBSERVATORY -An automatic radio system featuring an FM transmitter to record earthquakes has been devised by Richard R. Ross, an electronic scientist for the Coast and Geodetic Survey, U.S. Department of Commerce. Tests are now being conducted at an Arizona mountainside where movements are being transmitted to an observatory fifteen miles away; quake information appears on tape of a seismograph. The operation, technically a telemetering process, involves the use of a pickup unit, housed in a small insulated building that is topped by a directive antenna, with a seismometer (sensing part of a seismograph), amplifiers, converters, and the FM transmitter. Power is supplied by a butane motor. The unit is untended and requires only one visit a week for servicing. At the observatory end, there is also a directive antenna, an FM receiver, detecting unit, and seismograph recorder. Washington expects to adapt the radio link for installations in Honolulu and Fairbanks, Alaska. The improved station, system experts say, will also provide increased capacity to monitor future atomic explosions here or the Pacific area. ELECTRONIC PROXIMITY SCORER INVENTED -An estimated savings of $2.5- million yearly to the U.S. Air Force is expected to result from a recent invention of an electronic proximity scorer by Captain W. F. Kirlin and Homer F. Roland, engineer- scientists with the Air Research and Development Command Air Proving Ground Center, Eglin Air Force Base, Florida. The device electronically tells the pilot just how close his missiles are coming to a target. In these days of high -priced missiles and targets, missiles are programmed to miss the target by a slight distance in practice so that the target is not destroyed each time a missile is fired. However, a pilot must know just how much this "miss distance" is, to determine if the missile functions properly.This is the part played by the proximity scorer. Mounted in either free towed or -flying targets, the scoring unit, weighing 8. pounds, surrounds the target with electro- magnetic radiations. When the missile passes near the target, these radiations are reflected, triggering the relay that transmits the missile's miss -distance to the "attacking" pilot's plane, the target aircraft, or to observers on the ground. RADAR SPACE OBSERVATORY PROPOSED -A radar space observatory for electronically feeling out the surface of the moon has been blueprinted by researchers at the University of Michigan. Vehicle, the scientists say, would be about 150 -feet long, 6 -feet in diameter, weigh less than 2 tons, orbit about 100 miles above the moon, and carry a nuclear power source to supply 3 or 4 kw. of electrical power. Radar transmitter would send simultaneously to moon, ten signals of varying frequencies for an electronic picture of composition and depth of moon's top layer, information on firmness of second or underlying layer, and data on heights and contours of mountains, as well as the depths of craters. HAM RULE AMENDMENT UNDER STUDY --The FCC has invited comments on a proposed rule- making which would amend amateur rules (Part 12) to permit Technician Class amateur operation in the 144 -148 mc. band. LONG- DISTANCE REMOTE -CONTROL ELECTRONIC DRONE MAKES SUCCESSFUL DEBUT --A remote- controlled drone, the SD -3, packed with electronic and advanced sensory devices, built for the U.S. Army Signal Corps by Republic Aviation, has been flown successfully at the Army's test center facility in Yuma, Arizona. Weighing less than half a ton and only 15 -feet long, with a wingspan of 11 feet, the drone features interchangeable nose units which enable rapid switches from one surveillance technique to another. COMPATIBLE STEREO SYSTEMS DEMONSTRATED TO NATIONAL EIA COMMITTEE- Members of the National Stereophonic Radio Committee, announced by EIA in Washington, to study methods of broadcasting stereophonic sound, recently attended a demonstration special of a compatible stereo circuit, developed by F.K. Becker of Bell Labs, which depends on a psycho- acoustic phenomenon known as "precedence for effect" its operation. Also systems developed by Philco, RCA, and Westinghouse been have demonstrated to the press and elsewhere. See "Compatible and Stereo Broadcasts" "Compatible Stereo for AM Stations" in this issue. May, 1959 _30- 29

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