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Am perex® tubes are

Am perex® tubes are making music in the world's finest §F R ® systems .. . AMPEREX `preferred' tube types have proven themselves in the world's finest monophonic amplifiers. Now AMPEREX is paving the way with tubes for the world's finest Stereophonic systems. Developed in the research laboratories of Philips of the Netherlands, and applications- engineered by Amperex for the American electronics industry, these ultra- advanced tubes have proven their reliability and unique design advantages in late model amplifiers and tuners of the world's leading high fidelity manufacturers. Sold by franchised dealers everywhere... available for off -the -shelf deliveries in any quantity. Detailed data and applications engineering assistance available from Semiconductor and Special Purpose Tube Division, Amperex Electronic Corp., 230 Duffy Avenue, Hicksville, Long Island, N. Y. sti::ì Y/ç/gsiM[\V \\ gSssErriam Yaauiii ü. uEnAA V:AN // ask Amperex about hl -ri tub.. for hi -fl .t.reo circuitry POWER AMPLIFIER TYPES 6CA7 /EL34- Exceptionally linear, high -power out- put pentode with low -voltage drive requirements. Up to 100 watts in push -pull. (184/6805- Unique AF power pentode combining high gain and linearity with 9 -pin miniature construction. Up to 17 watts in push -pull. E1.86/6CW5 -Low voltage, high current version of the type E184/6805. Up to 20 watts in push -pull. ECL82 /6ßM1- Triode -pentode. Up to 8 watts in push -pull. UCL12 /50BMB- Series string (100 ma. 50v) version of ECL82 /6BM8. PCL$2 /16A11- Series string (300 ma. 16v) version of ECL82 /613M8. VOLTAGE AMPLIFIER TYPES EF86 /6267- High -gain pentode with exceptionally noise and microphonics. Replaces the 12AU7 with - low hum, noise and microphonics.. Particularly out circuit changes. suitable for pre -amplifier and input stages. Similar to the Z739 and the 5879. ECC81 /12AT7- Medium -gain dual triode with low hum, noise and microphonics. Replaces the 12AT7 without circuit changes. ECCe2 /12A1.17- Low -gain dual triode with low hum, RF AMPLIFIER TYPES ECC13 /12017- High -gain dual triode with low hum, noise and microphonics. Replaces the 12AX7 without circuit changes. ECFBO /BOER- High -gain triode - pentode with low hum, noise and microphonics. 6011 /ECC8B-Frame grid, sharp cut -off twin triode. and low noise. Particularly suitable for cascode circuits, RF & IF amplifiers, mixer & phase inverter stages. Fea- jECC8S /6Á11 -High gain dual triode for FM tuners with shield between sections for reducing osciltures high transconductance and low noise. lator radiation. ' PUB-Similar to 6018 /ECC88. Has remote cut -off EDF$9 characteristics. /6D0-Duo diode -pentode with remote cutoff characteristics. Suitable for RF & IF amplifiers. 6ER5 -Frame grid shielded triode with remote cutoff characteristics. Suitable for RF amplifiers in ECF10 /681.8-High gain triode -pentode for RF am- TV & FM tuners. Features high transconductance plifiers. RECTIFIER TYPES EZ80 /6V4- Indirectly heated, full -wave rectifier 6Z34 /5ÁR4- Indirectly heated, full -wave rectifier with 6.3 v, 0.6 amp. heater, 90 ma. output caw with 5 v, 1.9 amp heater and 250 ma. output ity and 9 -pin miniature construction. capacity. Octal base. Replaces the 5U4G without EZ111 /BAC4 - Indirectly heated, full -wave rectifier circuit changes with the advantage of lower with 6.3 v, 1 amp heater, 150 ma. output capacity tube voltage drop because of the unipotential and 9 -pin miniature construction. cathode. Also Available: INDICATOR TUBE EM84 /6F68 -Indicating pattern is a varying length DM70 /1M3- Subminiature type with "exclamation bar. For use in broadcast receivers and tape mark" indicating pattern. Features low filament recorders. consumption (25 ma.). GERMANIUM DIODES 1N542- Matched pair. Replaces 6AL5 In FM de- 1N87Á -High RF rectification efficiency diode. Suit - tector circuits. able for AM detector circuits. .300, 450 & 600 ma series string versions available. t300, 130 & 100 ma series string versions available.

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