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1 -ul, the specs prove it . . your BEST BUY is for COLOR & Monochrome TV servicing FREE CATALOG shows you HOW TO SAVE 50% on 50 models of top quality professional test equipment. AWL COUPON NOW! NEW! TV -FM SWEEP GENERATOR & MARKER =368 KIT 56995 WIRED $119" Entirely electronic sweep circuit (no mechanical des it cs ) w iil accurately- biased Inerednetor for cxt cl lent lineal its. Extremely flat RF output: new AC,(: circuit automatically adjusts ose. for max. output on each band with min. amp!. variations. Exceptional tuning accuracy: edge -lit hairlines el imi oat. parallax. Swept Ose. Range 1 -210 Inc in 5 fun.!. bands. Variable Marker Range 2.75 me in 3 food. hands; 611-225 me on harmonic band. 4.5 nie Xtal Marker Oar., cud supplied. Ext. Marker prosision. Sweep Width 0.3 me lowest Max. desiatìan In 0.30 no highest max. des. 2 -way blanking. Narrow range phasing. Atlenuators: Marker Size, RE Fine, RF Coarse (Lstcp decade). Cables: output. 'scope loris.. 'scope vertical. Deep -etc led satin aluminum panel; rugged grey wrinkle steel cabinet.. b .0i NEW! DYNAMIC { CONDUCTANCE .. t !TUBE 8 TRANSISTOR # L }} }} TESTER _ 666 IfIt! ttft!!' KIT 13 I, 56995 WIRED 5109" COMPLETE with steel cover and handle. SPEED. ease, unexcelled :lit unary R thoroughness. Tests all reeebing tubes (and picture tubes with adapter). Composite indication of Gm, Gp & peak emission. Shoup ourou, sel of any I of 4 combinations of :1 plane collages. 3 screen collages. 3 ranges of coot inuouslc sa riable grid soltage (with 5 ...irate tirate 1xt). dew Tries- string voltages: for 600. 31111 nut tapes. Sensitive 2111) ua meter. 5 anges meter sensitivity (Ir. shunts X Scb pot). to SIX -position lever switches: freepoint tonneciiun of ear h lobe pin. 10 pushbuttons: rapid insert of ans mix. element in leakage lest circuit & speedy sel. of indicidual set Inuits of multisection tubes in merit tests. Direr t- reading of inter clement leakage in ohms. New gear-driven rollrhart. Checks n -p -n i p -n -p transistors: separate meter readings of col lector leakage rrrr ut d Bela using internal d, per supply. Deep- etched satin aluminum panel: rugged gres:crinkles -eel cabinet. CRA Adapter $ 1.50 j COLOR and Monochrome DC to 5 MC LAB & TV 5" OSCILLOSCOPE =460 q) d4; KIT WIRED -. $7995 '12950 a Features DC Amplifiers! Flat from Ix' I Inc, usable to 10 Inc. VERT. AMPI..: saIn. ri rms ills /in: input Z 3 megs; direct -coupled & push pull thruoutt K- follower e niu Fling bet. stages; 4 -.step freq- compensated :Menuatnr up to I1)1111: I. SWEEP: perfectly linear In ups -Ion kc (ext. cap. for range to I cps); pre - .ct TV V Su H positions; auto. :one. amp'. X lim. PLUS: direct or cap. tootling; bal. or unhal. inputs; edge -lit engra sod lucite screen; dimmer: filter; hc,el fits std photo erti ipt. High intensity 11.1e CRT. 0-06 uar rise time. Pushpull nor. .mph., flat to 4011 kc, sens- 0.6 ros me /in. ISuih -irt .11111. Z -ask 1,1oí1. Satetooth & lull sits outputs. :onnul. Ream c blanking. Phasing rnntrol. s- PUSH -PULL Osri lisage =425: Kit $44.95. Wired $79.95. 7' PUSHPULL Oscilloscope =470: Kit $79.95, Wired $129.50. NEW! Transistorized Power L Bias Supply =1020 Kit $19.95 Wired $27.95 NEW! Battery-Powered Filament Continuity Tester .612 Kit $3.95 Wired $5.95 Series /Parallel R -C COMBINATION BOX =1140 KIT $13.95 WIRED $19.95 TUBE TESTER =625 KIT $34.95 Wired $49.95 tests 600 mil series string type tubes illuminated roll-chart Pix Tube Test Adapter $4.50 Z a 6V i 12V BATTERY ELIMINATOR i CHARGER =1050 KIT $29.95 WIRED $38.95 Extra- filtered for transistor equipt. :1060 KIT $38.95 WIRED $47.95 Miniaturized MULTI -SIGNAL TRACER =145A KIT $19.95 WIRED $28.95 20,000 Ohms /Volt V -0M =565 KIT $24.95 Wired $29.95 W tn 34 NEW! RF SIGNAL GENERATOR =324 KIT WIRED $2695 $3995 : ti 9ft S 150 kc to 435 me with ONE g tor! Reiter value than generators selling at 2 or 3 tintes ils toss! Ideal for IF -RF alignment, signal tracing & Iroublcohooting of TV, FM, 1 \I sels; marker gen.: 41111 rp. audio testing: lab. work. 6 fund. range.: 150.400 ke. 400.1200 ke. 3.5 -11 nie. 11 -37 s . 37.115 : 1 hart unir hand 111 -135 . Frrq. accurate to ±1.5 %r; 6:1 ternier tuning \Text client r plead at most impor tant alignment free s. Etched tuning dial. plexiglas w indnws, edge -lit hairlines. Colpius RE ose. directly pia temodulatrd by K. follower for improscd mod. Variable depth .of int. moil. 0-50% Ils 41111 cps Colpi ils inc. Variable gain et t. amplifier: only 3.11 s needed for 311'; tond. Turret. mounted roils slug-tuned for max. a1 nrrat s . Fine .&Coarse IOstípI RF attenuattms. RF output 1111,11110 us; AF' sine scale output to 10 S. 311 ohm output Z. -way jai k -lop binding posts for :\F in/ out: maxi: l connector & shielded cable for RF out. I2AU7. 12:\\'7, selenium rectifier: xnlfr- operated. Deep- etched satin aluminum panel; rugged grey wrinkle steel el Boer. NEW! PEAK -to -PEAK VTVM -232 & UNI - PROBE (pat. pend.) KIT WIRED '499$ $2995 Holt -turn el probe tip selects DC or AC -Ohms. Uni -Prob - exclusive wills EICO - only I probe performs all functions! Latest circuitry. high sensitivity & precision, Bride ranges R versatility. Calibration without removing from cabinet. New balanced bridge circuit. High J. input for negligible loading. 411" meter, can't burn -nut circuit. 7 non-skip ranges on function. 4 functions: +DC Volts. -DC Volts, \'nits, Ohms. Uniform 3 to I scale ratio for extreme wide range accuracy. Zero renter. One Pero -adj. for all functions R: ranges. 1% precision ceramic multiplier resistors. Measure directly peak.topeak voltage of complex & sine waves: 0.4, 14, 42, 140, 420 11)1, 4200. l)C /RMS sine volts: 0 -1.5, 5, 15, 50. 1311, 500, 1500 (tip to 311,000 v. with HVP probe & 2511 nie with PRF probe). Ohms: 0.2 ohms to 1000 megs. 12AU7, 6AL5, selenium rectifier; stmt operated. Deep -etched satin aluminum panel, rugged grey wrinkle steel cabinet. Send for FREE CATALOG now __ 1000 Ohms /Volt V -O -M =536 KIT $12.90 Wired $14.90 R -C BRIDGE i R -C -L COMPARATOR =9508 'u KIT $19.95 Wired $29.95 Reads 0.5 ohms -500 megs, + ' 10 mmfd -5000 mid, power factor VTVM PROBES KIT Wired Peak -to -Peak $4.95 $6.95 RF $3.75 $4.95 High Voltage Probe -1 $6.95 High Voltage Probe -2 ..._ $4.95 SCOPE PROBES Demodulator $3.75 $5.75 Di-ect $2.75 $3.95 LOW Capacity $3.75 $5.75 BI Co. i i coo,NNrt, ern lvd., R-5 Show me HOW TO SAVE 50 °b on 1 Test Instruments Hi -Fi H Hom Gear. Send nue FREE Corning, name of neighborhood dealer. Nome Address City Zone State ELECTRONICS WORLD

1 THE operator holding a gold ring into a fixture for a second then wiping it quickly is actually brazing the ring. Her hands do not get burned, there is no flame, yet each ring she brazes comes out perfect, without discoloration and without having to be cooled. The secret -electronics does the heating! In the manufacture of transistors and diodes, silicon is grown into large single crystals at a heat of 1400° centigrade. This is done in a vacuum or in a controlled atmosphere and the temperature must be maintained within ±.25 °. Again electronic heating does the job. In many other applications such as hardening, tempering, soldering, etc., the heat is generated without fire, without sparks, without heating up the air or the surrounding tools. Only the point where the heat is needed gets hot, quickly and at a controlled temperature. As many of our readers know, induction heating is employed widely in research and production in the electronics industry. This is especially true in the component manufacturing field where tubes, transistors, diodes, capacitors, and transformers are often brazed, welded, or soldered into their containers. In addition to the electronics industry, induction heating has found wide application in all branches N D CT of metal working and allied industries. It would be impossible to describe, or even mention, all of the possible applications of induction heating. Mentioned below are a few of the more common applications where electronic heating takes the place of the torch or the smithy. An example of one application of v.h.f. energy is the apparatus shown in Fig. 2 which is used for zone -refining of ultra -pure silicon, ferrite materials, etc. This machine operates at 120 mc. and at this frequency it is possible to keep a zone -refining process going in yttrium iron garnet, a material used in the recently publicized solid -state microwave amplifiers. The double glass bells surrounding the work piece serve as vacuum chambers and safety shields respectively. At the control panel (shown at right) the various critical parameters are adjusted while the main r.f. generator is located behind the glass bells. One application of induction heating that may be of particular interest to our readers is soldering. Whether it is the sealing of a transformer in its shield can, joining a feedthrough terminal to a glass bead, or the assembly of microwave cavities. induction heating allows us to solder quickly and with such concentrated heat that other delicate parts in the assembly do not get i 0 N By G. W. McCOOK Induction Heating Corp. and WALTER H. BUCHSBAUM The story of how electronics is used fo produce controlled heating in many branches of industry.

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