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Electronics-World-1959-05 ELECTRONICS WORL12 MAY, 1959 VOL. 61 NO. 5 Publisher OLIVER READ, D. Sc., w1ETl Editor WM. A. STOCKLIN, B. S. Technical Editor MILTON S. SNITZER, W2QYI Service Editor SIDNEY C. SILVER Associate Editor P. B. HOEFER Assistant Edltor J. JUSTER Industrial Consultant WALTER H. BUCHSBAUM Art Editor MILTON BERWIN Art and Drafting Dept. J. A. GOLANEK A. J. LICHOTA, JR. JAMES A. ROTH MILTON WHELPLEY Advertising Di JOHN A. RONAN, JR. Advertising Manger GEORGE E. MORRISSEY Midwest Adv. Manager W. ROBERT WOLFE Weston Adv. Manager JAMES R. PIERCE ZIFF.DAVIS PUBLISHING COMPANY William Ziff, President; W. Bradford Briggs, Executive Vice -President; Michael Michaelson, Vice- President and Circulation Director; Hershel B. Sarbin, Secretary; Howard Stoughton, Jr., Treasurer; Albert Gruen, An Director. Editorial and Executive Offices One Park Avenue New York 16, N. Y. OR. 9.7200 e o z eut s*s Member Audit Bureau el Circulations 1,(1lII BRANCH OFFICES: Midwestern Office, 434 S. Wabash Ave., Chicago 5, III.; Western Office, Room 412, 215 W. 7th St., Los Angeles 14, Calif., James R. Pierce, manager. FOREIGN ADVERTISING REPRESENTA- TIVES: D. A. Goodall Ltd., London; Albert Milhado & Co., Antwerp and Dusseldorf. 4 _íir -s/ iu ru(io- /(w`i3ion -audio- eleclronicd CONTENTS ELECTRONICS- GENERAL Spot News Washington Editor 29 Induction Heating G W. McCook & Walter H. Buchsbaum 35 Melting Silicon for Semiconductors (Cover Story) 39 Recent Developments in Electronics 62 Tiny Vacuum Tube Rivals Transistor 100 Radio Sextant Tracks Moon 104 Electron Tube Crossword John A. Comstock 119 Missile Measurement Ship 138 Calendar of Events 155 HIGH FIDELITY AND AUDIO Loudspeakers for Stereo (Part 2) Norman H. Crowhurst 42 Hi -Fi Crossover Networks- Constructing the Network (Part 2) Abraham B. Cohen & Paul D. Cohen 49 Hi -Fi Crossover Network Design Charts 51 -52 Symmetrical T and H Attenuators (Special Chart) 53 Reactance Chart 54 Making & Using a Stereo Test Record Jerry B. Minter 56 Hi -Fi Product Test Report (ELECTRONICS WORLD Lab Tested) 59 "Stereo Master " -a Hi -Fi Control Center (ELECTRONICS WORLD Lab Tested) 64 Ultra -stable OTL Hi -Fi Amplifier Julius Futterman 69 Compatible Stereo for AM Stations 86 Hi -Fi -Audio Product Review 88 Sound on Tape Bert Whyte 95 Certified Record Revue Bert Whyte 120 Compatible Stereo Broadcasts 125 Experiments in Stereo for P.A. Systems Jack Thornton 128 TELEVISION -RADIO Prosperity and the Technician (Editorial) W. A. Stocklin 8 Electrical Shock: Fact and Fiction Daniel P. Peters 40 TV Shop Uses Two -Way Radio 45 Profit & Growth William Leonard 48 Mac's Service Shop John T. Frye 68 Service Association of the Month (ESFETA) 102 Save Time on Transistor Radios William C. Caldwell 112 Improving the A.C. -D.C. Radio A H. Fry 130 Another Day in the Shop Bob Eldridge 132 Service Industry News 139 Service Notes 142 TEST EQUIPMENT Generating Test Signals with Crystals Thomas Deane Herriman 66 Foreign Tube Substitution Data 106 AMATEUR Low -Level Clamp Modulator Marvin L. Gaskill, W2BCV 60 ELECTRONIC CONSTRUCTION Experimental Transistor Motor Control Harold Reed 46 DEPARTMENTS Letters from Our Readers 14 Technical Books 136 Within the Industry 24 Manufacturers' Literature 146 What's New in Radio 148 Average Net Paid Circulation 215,650 Radio a TV News Ibuliu News Teler,MUn News Truaemark, Reg. U. S. rat. 111f. Copyright A 1959 by Ziff-Davis Publishing Company. All rights SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE: Forms :(579 and all subscription correspondence should I.e addressed to Circulation Department. 434 South Wabash Avenue. Chicago S. Illinois. Please allow at least four weeks for change of address. Include your old address as well as new-enclosing if possible an address label from a recent Issue. CONTRIBUTIONS: Contributors are advised to retain copy of their manuscripts W and Illustrations. Contributions should he ailed n. the New York Editorial e(Mlice and fount he accompanied by return Inrstage C.mtribuliwn. will n mmllt.l reasonable care. but this m assumes responsibility for their afety. Any copy accepted Is sublect to whatever adaptations and r necessary m meet the requirements of this publication. Payment r all n tributor'e, revisions and co are title. end interest In sand to them er l accepted and win 1 . :n`:rt upon acceptance. All photos and drawings will be considered as part of tug rri.i t. i nl a ELECTRONICS WORLD

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