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ecent developments in electronics Post Office of Tomorrow Electronics will play an important part in the operation of this new, fully mechanized mail processing plant and post office at Providence, R. L, which will be built by Irrtelex System, Inc., (subsidiary of ITT). The estimated cost of the post office is $20- million and it will be leased to the Post Office Department for 20 years. The new facilities will speed delivery of all mail in the Providence area, including 14 surrounding areas. The entire project is scheduled for completion in September, 1960. The post office, known as "Project Turnkey," will come complete with equipment ready to go at the turning of a key. Operations will be supervised from an elevated control room, which will serve as a nerve center. This center will have a visual and an electronic view of all activities, and will control synchronized conveyer movements of mail in and out of the facility. Hot -Dipping Antenna Towers Hot -dipped galvanizing facilities at Rohn Mfg. Co., Peoria, Ill., were increased 600 per -cent in capacity when a new, modern galvanizing plant was put into operation recently. A portion of the new facilities is shown in the photo below. Testing Station for Research Planes Technicians and engineers operate plotting board and monitor console at new space range for testing the mile - a- second X -15 research airplane which will fly at 100 miles altitude. The testing station, located in the Nevada wastelands, was developed and built by the Electronic Engineering Co. of California. It will provide 600,000 answers per second to electronic questions on the safety of the pilot and the condition of the airplane when the rocket -powered airplane drops from a B -52 bomber and roars into space. 62 ELECTRONICS WORLD

"Vanguard" Tape Recorder Heart of the communications system in the Vanguard "Cloud Cover Satellite" now circling the earth is this basic tape recorder. Only 5?i inches wide, this 1- pound, 5 -ounce device re- cords pictures of weather on a global scale. It first became famous in December as the larynx of man's first talking satellite - -the Atlas communications satellite which sent President Eisenhower's voice to earth from outer space. Luminescent Panels in 6 Colors With the aid ut an cit. trunk rneasurint; de v ici, an RCA engineer at the company's Lancaster, Pa., plant checks the performance of developmental electroluminescent panels which emit a soft glow of light in any one of six specific colors: green, greenish yellow, deep yellow, deep blue, white, and red. Electroluminescent panels have possible uses for house numbers that glow in the dark, night lights, and softly lit instrument panels. Expanded Military Closed- Circuit TV A closed -circuit television broadcast in progress at the studios of WMTV, the U. S. Army Signal School's vastly expanded system for education and training purposes at Fort Monmouth, N. J. Largest military educational TV system in the world, WMTV boasts seven channels that could reach 15,000 persons simultaneously. May. 1959 Largest Private Reactor This 87 -foot aluminum dome near Plainsboro, N. J., houses the world's largest nuclear reactor entirely owned and operated by private industry. It was constructed by ten companies in non -competing fields to conduct basic scientific research. It is now starting operations through a jointly owned company called Industrial Reactor Laboratories, Inc. 63

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