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Electronics-World-1959-05 Only Sylvania has Sarong the revolutionary new receiving tube cathode that means better service profits FEWER CALL -BACKS due to intermittents and shorts ... reduced noise and less arcing .. . these are some of the benefits available to you now with this "can't be copied" Sylvania development. The Sarong cathode is a completely new development that transforms conventional sprayed cathode coating into a thin uniform film, precision -wrapped and securely bonded, around each cathode sleeve. Now in use in nearly 1. million receiving tubes, Sylvania Sarong is a field -proven devel- opment setting new standards of efficiency and quality in electron tube performance. First tubes to incorporate Sarong are tv tuner types 6BZ7, 6BQ7A, 6BC8 and 6BS8. Eventually Sarong cathodes will be utilized in the full line of Sylvania receiving tubes. Here are some of the reasons why it will pay you to replace with Sylvania Sarong cathode tubes: Reduced noise ... uniformity in spacing has resulted in improved noise level up to 0.6 db for TV frequencies. SYLVAN IA GENERAL Subsidiary of GENERAL TELEPHONE & ELECTRONICS SYSTEM 6 ELECTRONICS WORLD Inherent physical superiority of Sylvania's exclusive Sarong cathode, right, over a conventional cathode, left, is evident in this photomicrograph comparison. The texture, thickness, sharp coating edges and overall uniformity of Sarong represent major improvements in the heart of the electron tube never before achieved in mass production. Less heater -cathode leakage ... Sarong is flake - resistant and smooth textured. No stray coating particles to stick inside cathode. Greater tube ruggedness against shock and vibration because of Sarong's superior coating adhesion. Reduced cathode -grid shorts intermittent short circuits, and less arcing due to controlled uniformity of Sarong thickness. Sarong cathode coating is held to thickness tolerances five times closer than conventional sprayed cathode coating. Sylvania Sarong will help you make better profits through reductions in call- backs. See your Sylvania distributor today for the full story on Sarong - available only from Sylvania. Sarong cathodes are now in use in these Sylvania tv tuner types. Eventually all Sylvania receiving tubes will contain Sarong cathodes. SYLVANIA ELECTRIC PRODUCTS INC. 1740 Broadway, New York 19, N. Y. In Canada: P. O. Box 1190, Station "O," Montreal 9. May, 1959 7

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