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Electronics-World-1959-05 Here are a few reasons why... EASY TO BUILD Heathkits are engineered for easy kit construction. You need no electronic or kit building experience whatsoever to successfully complete your own kit. Use of printed circuit boards and pre- wired, pre -aligned assemblies cut construction time. Manuals are carefully prepared, employing step -by -step instructions written in simple, non -technical language. Large pictorial diagrams and photographs show you exactly where each part goes. do so , many people buy ATHKITS? every year more people buy Heathkits than any other Electronic Instruments in kit form! LASTING QUALITY Only top quality components go Into Heathkits, assuring you of a finished product that is unsurpassed in performance, dependability and endurance. Rigid quality control standards are maintained at the Heath factory to see that each component lives up to its advertised specifications. Heathkits are conservatively rated. No performance claims are made that are not thoroughly proven and tested under the most stringent laboratory conditions. ADVANCED ENGINEERING Progress in electronics engineering never stands still at Heath. The latest developments in circuit design and components are exploited by Heath engineers, offering you superior performance at lower costs. New advances in all fields of electronics are carefully watched by Heath engineers to keep abreast of the rapidly growing industry. The modern, up -to -date styling of Heathkits make them a handsome addition to your home or workshop. WORLD -WIDE REPUTATION A pioneer in do- it- yourself electronics, Heath Company, over more than a decade, has established public confidence in its products both in the United States and abroad. Today, as the world's largest manufacturer of electronic kits, Heath stands as the leader in its field. GREATER SAVINGS Do- it- yourself Heathkits save you up to '/a the cost of equivalent ready -made equipment. Direct factory -to -you selling, eliminating middle -man profit, plus the tremendous Heath purchasing power mean even further savings to you. And the convenient Heath Time Payment Plan allows you to use and enjoy your Heathkit NOW, while you pay for it in easy installments. HEATH COMPANY Benton Harbor 15, Michigan a subsidiary 01 Daystrom, Inc. 74 ELECTRONICS WORLD

TRANSISTOR PORTABLE RADIO KIT Fun for the whole family, this easy -to -build 6- transistor portable radio is ready to go wherever you go. The modern molded plastic case with pull -out carrying handle and fully enclosed back add beauty and convenience to this splendid kit. Six name -brand (Texas Instrument) transistors are used for good sensitivity and selectivity. The 4' x 6' PM speaker with heavy magnet provides "big set" tone quality. Use of this large speaker and roomy chassis make it unnecessary to crowd components adding greatly to the case of construction. Transformers are prealigned making the radio ready for use as soon as kit is assembled. A built -in rod -type antenna assures good reception in all locations. Six standard flashlight batteries are used for power, providing extremely long battery life (between 500 and 1,000 hours) and they can be purchased anywhere. Stylish cabinet is two -tone blue molded plastic with gold inlay and measures 9' L. x 7' H. x 33/" D. Shpg. Wt. 6 lbs. MODEL XR -1L: Identical to XR -1P except in handsome leather case instead of plastic case. Leather carrying strap included. Shpg. Wt. 7 lbs. LEATHER CASE: Can be purchased separately if desired. Fits all XR -I P and earlier XR -1 chassis. No. 93 -1. Shpg. Wt. 3 lbs. $6.95. NAVIGATE BY PORTABLE RADIO MODEL PC -1 52495 MODEL XR -1L $3495 POWER CONVERTER KIT Now you can operate your TV set, radio, razor, and other AC electrical equipment directly from your 12 -volt boat or car battery. With the Heathkit Power Converter you can enjoy the convenience of home electricity whether boat cruising or on automobile trips. Two power transistors are employed for years of trouble -free, dependable service. No moving parts to wear out, no tubes to replace. Shpg. Wt. 8 lbs. HEATHKIT MODEL DF -2 $6995 = 2 -BAND TRANSISTOR PORTABLE RADIO DIRECTION FINDER KIT Enjoy the safety, convenience and entertainment of this self- contained, self -powered, six -transistor superheterodyne radio direction finder. It receives aeronautical and marine beacons as well as standard band broadcasts with startlingly clear tone reproduction over a long range. Covering the beacon band from 200 to 400 kc and broadcast band from 540 to 1620 kc, the DF -2 is designed to take directional "fixes" on both aircraft and marine beacons as well as standard broadcast stations, while providing the entertainment of a high quality transistor portable radio. You are able to receive aircraft weather reports every thirty minutes and constant Coast Guard beacons on the 200 to 400 kc band. A dial light is provided for night operation. Power is supplied by six standard flashlight batteries which will last you up to one year under normal operation. Shpg. Wt. 9 lbs. MODEL IA -1 $5995 ELECTRONIC IGNITION ANALYZER KIT Ideal for use on automobiles, boats, aircraft engines, etc., the IA -1 checks ignition systems with the engine in operation (400 to 5,000 RPM). Shows the condition of coil, condenser, points, plugs and ignition wiring. Shows complete engine cycle or just one cylinder at a time. Two test leads are supplied, each 10' long, which will enable you to reach either the breaker points or the spark plug wires. Shpg. Wt. 20 lbs. ELECTRONIC TACHOMETER KIT Useful on inboard and outboard boats, as well as in automobiles, the TI -1 operates directly from the spark impulse of the engine. Use on any spark ignited 2 or 4 cycle engine of any number of cylinders. Completely transistorized, it works with 6, 8, 12, 24 or 32 volt DC systems. Indicates revolutions -per- minute from 0 to 6,000. Calibration control provided for adjusting to engine type. Easy -to -build and easy -toinstall. Shpg. Wt. 4 lbs. May 1959 75

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