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Electronics-World-1959-05 86 Convenient "over- the -counter" delivery is now available through any of the Authorized Heathkit Dealers listed below. Although you will find the price of Heathkits slightly higher when buying locally. were sure you'll agree that this Increase is justified. Your dealer absorbs all transportation charges, carries a complete stock of kits for immediate de- CALIFORNIA BAKERSFIELD Kiesub Corporation 2515 "F" Street BERKELEY zacKIT Corporation 2002 University Avenue CHICO Dunlap Radio S TV 928 Main Street EL CAJON Tetrad Electronics 182 East Main Street FRESNO Dunlap Radio a TV 2617 Tulare Street LONG BEACH Kierulff a Company 1501 Magnolia LOS ANGELES Bushnell Sound Corp. 12024 Wilshire Boulevard Kierulff Sound Corp. 820 West Olympic Boulevard Kierulff 6 Company 6303 E. Corsair MARYSVILLE Dunlap Radio & TV 5th & "J" Street MERCED Dunlap Radio 4. TV 234 West 17th Street MODESTO Dunlap Radio a TV 419 10th Street NATIONAL CITY Tetrad Electronics 639 National ONTARIO Kiasub Corporation 124 N. Benson OXNARD Kierulll a Company 508 E. Date Street PALO ALTO Zack Electronics 654 High Street SACRAMENTO Dunlap Radio & TV 180022nd Street SAN BERNARDINO KieruiR A Company 390 South Mt. Vernon SAN DIEGO Tetrad Electronics 3453 University Avenue SAN FRANCISCO Zack Electronics 1422 Market Street SANTA BARBARA acKIT Corporation 513 State Street STOCKTON Dunlap Radio & TV 27 North Grant Street TARZANA Valley Sound Corp. 18841 Ventura Boulevard VAN NUYS Kierulll a Company 14511 Delano VISALIA Dunlap Radio L TV 1725 Mooney Avenue DELAWARE WILMINGTON Radio Electric Service Co. Third Tainan Streets FLORIDA COCOA Thurow Distributors, Inc. 640 St. Johns Street MIAMI Thurow Distributors, Inc. 1800 Northwest 23rd Street LOUISIANA LAFAYETTE Sterling Radio Products, Inc. 1005 Cameron Street MARYLAND SALISBURY Radio Electric Service Co. 736 South Salisbury Boulevard NOW READY TO HEATH COMPANY Benton Harbor, Mich. MASSACHUSETTS BOSTON Audionics, Incorporated 1348 Boylston Street MICHIGAN ALLEN PARK Volta Electronics 6716 Park Avenue DETROIT High Fidelity Workshop 16400 West Seven Mile Road MINNESOTA MINNEAPOLIS Audio King Company 913 West Lake Street NEW JERSEY ATLANTIC CITY Radio Electric Service Co. 452 North Albany Avenue CAMDEN Radio Electric Service Co. 513 Cooper Street MOUNTAINSIDE Federated Purchaser, Inc. 1021 U. S. Route tl22 NEWARK Federated Purchaser, Inc. 114 Hudson Street NEW YORK BELLEROSE Cross Island Electronics. Inc. 247-40 Jericho Turnpike BROOKLYN Acme Electronics. Incorporated 59 Willoughby Street FARMINGDALE Gem Elec. Distributors, Inc. 34 Hempstead Turnpike FOREST HILLS Beam Electronics, Incorporated 101 -10 Queens Boulevard HICKSVILLE Gem Elec. Distributors. Inc. 236 Broadway MINEOLA Arrow Electronics. Incorporated 525 Jericho Turnpike MT. VERNON Davis Radio Distributing Co.. Inc. 70 East Third Street NEW YORK Arrow Electronics, Incorporated 65 Cortlandt Street Harvey Radio Company 103 West 43rd Street NO. CAROLINA CHARLOTTE Southeastern Radio Supply Co. 1200 W. Morehead Street GREENSBORO Southeastern Radio Supply Co. 404 N. Eugene Street FAYETTEVILLE Southeastern Radio Supply Co. 525 Gillespie Street KINSTON Southeastern Radio Supply Co. 408 N. Heritage Street RALEIGH Southeastern Radio Supply Co. 414 Hillsboro Street OHIO CHILLICOTHE Buckeye Electronics Dist., Inc. 565 North High St. COLUMBUS Buckeye Electronics Dist., Inc. 236 -246 East Long Street DAYTON Ham 'N Hi -Fi, Inc. 826 North Main Street Srepco. Inc. 314 Leo Street HAMILTON Srepco, Inc. 145 Highland Avenue livery, provides demonstration facilities, offers you a reliable source for parts and fast service ... and stands ready to counsel or advise you on any problem that might arise. This new service does not affect your continued privilege to buy directly from Heath Company if you prefer. SERVE YOU... OHIO MIDDLETOWN Srepco. Inc. 2101 Brentwood Avenue NEWARK Buckeye Electronics Dist., Inc. 114 Union Street PIQUA Srepco, Inc. R.R. I, Bos 308 SPRINGFIELD Standard Radio -Springfield, Inc. 1300 S. Paris Road ZANESVILLE Buckeye Electronics Dist., Inc. 120 South Eighth Street OREGON PORTLAND Eccles Electric Company 237 Northeast Broadway SALEM Cecil Fames Company 440 Church Street, Northeast PENNSYLVANIA ALLENTOWN Federated Purchaser. Inc. 1115 Hamilton Street EASTON Federated Purchaser, Inc. 925 Northampton Street PHILADELPHIA Austin Electronics, Inc. 1421 Walnut Street Radio Electric Service Co. 701 Arch Street Radio Electric Service Co. 3412 Germantown Avenue Radio Electric Service Co. 5930 Market Street WILLOW GROVE Radio Electric Service Co. 29 York Road YORK Radio Electric Service Co. 1114 Roosevelt Extension RHODE ISLAND PROVIDENCE Audionics, Incorporated 790 North Main Street TEXAS BEAUMONT Sterling Products, IOC. Laurel Street et BRYAN Sterling Radio Products, Inc. 2615 Texas Avenue DALLAS Hillcrest Records, Inc. 6309 Hillcrest Avenue HOUSTON Sound Equipment, Incorporated 2506 Crawford Street HOUSTON Sterling Radio Products, Inc. 1616 McKinney Avenue LURON Sterling Radio Products, Inc. 428 Atkinson Street VIRGINIA ARLINGTON Key Electronics, Inc. 126 South Wayne Street WASHINGTON SEATTLE Seattle Radio Supply. Inc. 2117 Second Avenue WISCONSIN MADISON HI -Fi Corner 401 State Street Satterfield Electronics, Inc. 1900 South Park MILWAUKEE Hi -Fi Center 4236 West Capitol Drive Netzow's 2630 North Downer Avenue Careful selection of reliable qualified dealers is a slow process ... so please bear with us if your area has not been covered. Thank you. A Subsidiary 4r Daystrom, Inc. Compatible Stereo for AM Stations Stereo channel transmitted by frequency modulating the AM station's regular carrier. AN AM stereo broadcasting system using simultaneous amplitude and frequency modulation of the carrier was demonstrated recently by the Westinghouse Electric Corp. The new system allows a person with an ordinary AM receiver to pick up both stereo channels simultaneously, thereby resulting in a completely compatible monophonic signal. For stereo reception it is possible to use two ordinary AM receivers, but with one tuned slightly above the carrier and the other tuned slightly below. It is also possible to use a specially designed single receiver and auxiliary speaker as shown below. In the new system, the sum of the two stereo channels is used to amplitude modulate the carrier of a regular AM station in the conventional way. The difference between the two channels, in a band from 300 to 3000 cps, is used to frequency modulate the same carrier simultaneously. Narrow -band FM is used ( ±3 kc. deviation) so that no adjacent channel interference is produced. When ordinary AM receivers are used for this stereo system, they are detuned in order to recover the two stereo channels by means of slope detection. By detuning one receiver above and the other receiver below the carrier. a matrixing or mixing effect occurs that applies only the left -channel signal to the left speaker and the right -channel speaker. A proposal for a signal to the right test on- the -air demonstration has been submitted to the FCC. When this authorization is received, test programs will be conducted. -30- Block diagram of AM stereo receiver. L-R FM DETECTION CONVERTER IF AMPLIFIER ANTENNA AM DETECTION ADDER SUBTRAC OR 2L , ' 2R Ifllll L+R LEFT SPEAKER RIGHT SPEAKER ELECTRONICS WORLD l@@ V@1 lOHN for ALL TV installation needs! TOWERS LOOK TO THE FOREMOST NAME IN THE COMPLETE LINE OF HOME TV, AMATEUR AND COMMUNICATION TOWERS, PLUS A COMPLETE LINE OF INSTALLATION NEEDS. You'll find that the ROHN line is complete. It gives you better products INo. 25 The ROHN No. 25 tower is one of the finest ever designed ... a full 33% stronger and more durable than "similar sized' towers. This is achieved by amazing zig -zag cross bracing design combined with highest grade steel and heavy -duty steel side -rail tubing. This superior strength means that this tower can ordinarily be installed self. supporting to 50 feet or guyed to 200! It is truly the finest tower of its kind for home television reception. No.6 This ROHN tower features the well -known "magic triangle ", the cross- bracing construction that is unequalled in strength and durability. Also available self- supporting, or guyed to about 150 feet. Complete communications catalog sent on request! at a better price. Practically all ROHN products are available in the finest of finishes ... hot - dipped galvanizing! Rely on the dependable name for ALL your needs -ROHN ... today one of the largest manufacturers of a complete line of this type equipment. Fold -over The No. 25, as well as heavy -duty No. 40 communication tower, can be converted into "fold- over" towers for amateur use ... the only tower of its kind. They let you work on the g-ound!" Communications FIVE complete lines of communication towers ore available to fulfill practically any need, including o 130 foot true heavy -duty communication tower that is completely self. supporting and guyed models up to 600 feet! .1J ROHN DESIGNED inmS d!n /! -I w; s,i o ` `_.. 4 r a Telescoping masts -Unexcelled in design, Roof towers -Available in 10, 5 and 3 Tubing -Just what you want: 6" expanded Bouts -Wide variety of roof mount bases. structure and strength, with several exclu- foot heights. Most of them are collapsible end with jz" taper to form a solid locking Special locking feature. Also available is ve feotures! All popular sizes, heights and for easy shipping. Ideal in use -o ROHN joint! High carbon steel. Available 5, 10 cast aluminum roof mounts and many other weights ovoilable. "big-seller ". foot lengths, 1 y. ", 1 V2" diameter, 16 and types. 18 gauge. Get the full and complete catalog from your ROHN representative. R O H Nmanufacturing CO111 pQ ï1 y I 1 6 LIMESTONE, BELLEVUE PEORIA. ILLINOIS ROHN Monvfocturing Company 116 limestone, Bellevue Peoria, Illinois Please send me literature on full line of ROHN products. Fria Name Address T tie C ty State May, 1959 87

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