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Electronics-World-1959-05 A SOUND APPROACH TO BETTER SOUND... wtálìipEt SONORAMIC RECORDING TAPE in the permanent plastic container Why settle for ordinary tape when Sonoramic offers you so many exclusive extras. By combining the finest materials and processing techniques with the highest research and technicai skills Sono - ramic brings you a magnificent tape that will brilliantly reproduce the total recordable frequency spectrum. 1. CASE: Shatterproof plastic contain. er for permanent protection; stores anywhere on wall, bookcase or table for easy access. 2. REEL: V slot per. mits jiffy self- threading. Permanently imprinted with Selection- Finder and easy write -on surface. 3. INDEXING: Case includes pressure sensitive front and side labels. Permits typewritten tabs of all recordings. FREE: Fisher Radio Corponition. 21 -21 44th Drive, Long Island City 1, N. Y. has just released a new remote control unit which permits stereo speaker levels to be adjusted from anywhere in the listening area. The Model RK -1 is designed to be used with the company's 400 -C Master Audio Control and consists of a control assembly, 30 feet of connecting cable, and an adapter plug for connection to the main unit. The adapter plug is color -coded to simplify connections. The control assembly may he held in one hand and its two control knobs rotated with the thumb or index finger. In operating position, the knob on the left regulates the level in the speaker to the left of the listener and the right knob controls the volume of the speaker on the right. Each control has a range of from zero level to full volume as set on the 400 -C, permitting the RK -1 control to be used to cut off the volume completely on either channel. The control is housed in an ivory plastic case measuring 4" x 2t/a" x 14". FISHER REMOTE CONTROL AIR -CORE INDUCTORS C c Tape -time ruler indicates footage and recordingtime. Write Dept. N5 of air -core 4nanued CORPORATION, // Lodi. New Jersey M Coils, 3016 Holmes Avenue, N. W., Huntsville, Alabama has announced the availability of a new line inductors for crossover networks which is being offered in 80 values in #17 wire and 52 values in #16 wire. All of the inductors are oven baked, calibrated, and spaghetti applied to the 7" tinned leads. The units are then cot- ton wrapped, dipped in varnish, baked, and rechecked. Inductors are supplied with ± 10ri tolerance. The inductors available in No. 17 Formvar copper wire range in value from .05 mhy. to 12 mhy. The No. 16 Formvar copper wire units have inductances ranging from 5 to 20 mhy. The company will forward a copy of its brochure on request. Complete electrical and physical specs are provided on each inductor. UNITED AUDIO'S CHANGER United Audio Products, 2024 E. 19th Street, New York 3, N. Y. has entered the changer field with a combination professional 4 -speed turntable and deluxe record changer. The Dual -1006 will track and operate the automatic cycling mechanism with as low as 2 grams stylus pressure. The unit includes a built -in direct - reading pressure gauge to insure optimum cartridge operation and long record life. The 54-pound turntable is laminated and concentrically girded to retain dynamic balance and plano surface. The powerful motor enables the turntable to reach full speed within second from dead start. The motor uses a new rigid equipoise suspension principle which eliminates vertical rumble. A one -piece tonearm, employing a lock -key snap -in cartridge holder and double set of direct acting ball bearings for both vertical and horizontal axes, avoids multiple arm resonance and minimizes cartridge vertical amplitude distortion. The new design of the arm achieves perfect vertical and lateral tracking at all times by maintaining a constant 90- degree relationship between arm pivot axis and cartridge axis, according to the company. The "stereo-mono" switch includes a phase -cancelling feedback circuit which removes vertical noise signals that result when monophonic records are played with stereo cartridges. The changer mechanism will operate with any diameter record from 5" to 12" and intermixes ten records in any 88 ELECTRONICS WORLD x

Back emission MAJOR CAUSE OF POWER RECTIFIER FAILURES eliminated in 5U4GB HERE'S HOW IT HAPPENS. Back emission from overheated plate to filament brings about most rectifier failures. The reverse current mounts ... filament coating is stripped ... filament becomes overheated ... soon burns out. HERE'S HOW IT IS ELIMINATED. Recognizing the vulnerability of rectifiers to premature failures, CBS - Hytron instituted a continuing program to get rid of them. As a result, the 5U4GB, for example, has a new larger - diameter plate that runs cooler. And the plate material is non -emissive. A taller bulb also operates at lower temperatures; permits depositing the getter inside cooler dome for improved getter action. Additional features include: a firmly anchored filament of purer tungsten ... a ruggeder stem ... and improved high- vacuum techniques. Results? Dynamic "blast" tests brutally cycle the CBS - Hytron 5U4GB between 6.8 and 4 volts with 800 volts plate potential. Yet back emission is less than one microampere. HERE'S WHAT IT MEANS TO YOU. Virtually eliminated callbacks for the 5U4GB put more money into your pocket. Prove it. Demand the CBS -Hytron 5U4GB. Insist on the premium quality at regular prices that is yours in all CBS -Hytron tubes. TIN CBS FAMILY CBS.HYTRON CBS INTERNATIONAL CBS LABORATORIES CBS NEWS CBS RADIO CBS TELEVISION NETWORK CBS TELEVISION STATIONS. COLUMBIA RECORDS . LEADERS IN ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATIONS CBS tubes May, 1959 CBS- HYTRON, Danvers, Massachusetts A Division of Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc. 89

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