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Electronics-World-1959-05 102M nirlarzáall á Lowest priced 750 mil. silicon rectifier available ... Ten in a handy pack -rated at 0.75 amps. dc, 400 P.I.V.... For use in radio, television and electronics. 40 -H Industry standard top hat hermetically sealed silicon rectifier rated at 0.75 amps. dc, 400 P.I.V. Send for prices and complete information Sarkes Tarzian, Inc. RECTIFIER DIVISION DEPT. N -3, 415 N. COLLEGE AVE. BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA 8 IN CANADA: 700 WESTON RD., TORONTO 9 TEL. ROGER 2.7535 EXPORT: AD AURIEMA, INC., NEW YORK CITY .for the Record By W. STOCKLIN Editor PROSPERITY AND THE TECHNICIAN THERE is every indication that once the normally slow summer season is over the U. S. economy is in for another period of strong and steady growth. There are many reasons for this optimism- reasons based on facts rather than wishful thinking. With a projected increase of better than 20 billion dollars in personal income for 1960, people will have almost 13.5 billion "discretionary" dollars to spend on new homes, new cars, and new appliances. During the 1957 -58 recession the consumer tightened his belt, cut his indebtedness, and refrained from adding to his installment bill - but now with old debts out of the way and a clean slate, the average citizen is ready, willing, and able to absorb the consumer goods which will be pouring from the production lines. Although unemployment will continue to plague certain segments of the industry and some sections of the country, a seasonal increase in employment is expected to drop unemployment from the 1958 recession high of 5.4 million to around 3.5 million next year. Even without full employment, there will be money to be spent and customers to spend it. Who will benefit most from this "spending spree ?" It is certain that new homes will be built in record numbers and new cars will be snapped up promptly -but of special interest to those of us in the radio and television field is the fact that much of this cash is earmarked for new appliances of various types. According to estimates made by RCA, the electron tube industry which reached a sales volume of about 800 million dollars last year should top 866 million dollars during 1959. Black -andwhite television receivers are expected to make a strong comeback this year with color sets gradually gaining a larger share of the TV market. Defense electronics business during 1959 is expected to rise some 14 per -cent over last year's 3.6 billion dollar mark. Much of the non -military activity in the electronics field will have a direct bearing on the prosperity of the service industry. More TV receivers, radios, auto receivers, and hi -fi gear in the hands of the public means more dollars in the cash registers of the service technician. More cash in the pocket of the consumer means larger sales of "luxury" items and greater outlays for the installation, maintenance, and repair of such equipment. Of course all this business activity implies a degree of inflation that takes some of the bloom from the boom. The same forces that make possible that extra dollar in the pocket of the cus- tomer will operate in increasing your costs of doing business. The smart service shop owner will start now to make plans for spreading the margin between income and outgo. It won't be easy -there will he certain items on which it will be impossible to economize -state and city taxes are rising steadily as hard -pressed governments search for new sources of revenue, replacement parts will cost more as the wage -price spiral indulges in a few more round trips, the service truck will cost more to operate as gasoline taxes rise and maintenance goes upbut there are places where the belt may be tightened without functioning as a tourniquet as well. A very careful and thoughtful analysis of your entire business operation would seem to be in order here. Economies which may seem picayune in the singular can add up to a tidy sum if pursued relentlessly and systematically. How much money a day are you losing because of sloppy routing of service calls? Does doubling back, duplicate coverage of the same routes by two of your trucks, unnecessary returns to the shop, etc. increase your gas bill and add to replacement and repair costs? Does careless unpacking and storage of replacement parts send your breakage costs soaring and over- tax your trash can ? Is bench work performed so hurriedly and so sloppily that expensive meters have to be "hospitalized" for bent pointers and burned out parts? Does the lack of accurate, complete records of expenditures of all kinds prevent your claiming tax exemptions to which you are legitimately entitled ? Do obsolete mailing lists raise your advertising costs far above the return for such efforts? Do you buy carefully and thoughtfully the items you really need and can profitably merchandise in your particular town or neighborhood or can any fast -talking salesman "unload" on you just so you can get rid of him? Do you order your replacement parts and tubes in an orderly fashion, placing a sizable order to take advantage of quantity discounts and then pay the bill within the prescribed time to get the discount offered for "cash ?" These may all sound like mere "thumbs in the dike" to hold back the rising costs of doing business, but taken together and followed up religiously not only will you be able to keep faith with your customers by not jacking up your charges but you yourself will be able to avoid being sucked into the vortex of the wage - price spiral and its concomitant inflationary trend. ELECTRONICS WORLD l i O ALLIED'S 1959 Cvalue- packed 452 -page O ELECTRONIC SUPPLY CATALOG featuring: ` . +y . - ,... ... .' Eh"`9 i00 N. WE MONEY - SAVING knight -kits: Finest electronic equipment in money- saving kit form. Complete selection of latest Iii -Fi amplifier, tuner and speaker kits (new Stereo units); Hobbyist kits; Test Instruments and Amateur kits. KNIGHT -KITS are an exclusive ALLIED product. HI -FI! STEREO! See the world's largest selection of quality Hi -Fi music systems and famous name components. First with the latest in STEREO! Save on ALLIED- recommended complete systems. 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