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Electronics-World-1959-05 mild this new kniuIitkit never before such performance...such styling at so low a price... tremendous value at only '44" only $4,45 down SAVE UP TO 50 %... COMPARABLE IN EVERY WAY TO WIRED AMPLIFIERS COSTING TWICE AS MUCH Includes two built -in preamplifiers for magnetic cartridges... Single selector switch for instant choice of desired operation... Separate bass and treble controls with boost and attenuation... Concentric volume control adjusts ba lance on each channel - plus overall volume... OC on all preamp filaments for hum -free operation... Dual push -pull output circuitry for smooth, clear high -fidelity output... order from ALl knight -kit 20 -watt stereo hi -fi amplifier Newest complete stereo high -fidelity amplifier at an amazing low $44.50 -the most sensational value ever offered in a stereo amplifier kit. It's a pleasure to assemble. It's a truly fine instrument -the worthy heart of the finest stereo hi -fi music system. Ideal for use with newest stereo records or stereo radio broadcasts. Delivers 10 watts per channel into each of two speaker systems for 20 watts of stereo -or 20 watts into one or more speakers for monaural use. Includes two fully integrated built -in preamps to accommodate magnetic cartridges. Single switch selects phono, tuner or auxiliary stereo inputs, plus stereo reverse on each; also switches monaural input to both amplifier channels. Has separate bass and treble controls with both boost and attenuation for complete control of tonal color. Special clutch -type concentric volume control permits individual channel balance adjustment, plus overall volume control. R[AA equalized for stereo discs. Has four pairs of stereo inputs: magnetic cartridge, ceramic cartridge, tuner and auxiliary. \Vith switched AC accessory outlet for added convenience. Response is 20- 20,000 cps, ± 1.5 db. Hum and noise, better than 85 db below full output. Distortion less than 11/2%. Simple point -to -point wiring for easy assembly -even without previous electronic experience. Custom cabinet attractively finished in French gray; aluminum front panel with ebony trim; 41/4 x 131/4 x 9 ". With case, tubes, all parts, wires, solder and instructions. Shpg. wt., 27 lbs. Model Y -773. Knight -Kit 20 -Watt Stereo Hi -Fi Amplifier Kit. Net only.. $44513 Easy Terms: Only $4.45 Down QED R A D fl the world's largest electronic supply house stereo hi -fi amplifiF enjoy building the very best see over 50 other fine knight -kits in the 1959 Allied Catalog...send for it Stereo Deluxe Preamp 60 -Watt Stereo Amplifier Stereo Control 30 -Watt Amplifier 25 -Watt Basic Amplifier 18 -Watt Amplifier 12 -Watt Amplifier FM -AM Tuner FM Tuner Hi -Fi Preamp Speaker Systems, etc. with the exclusive knight-kit c Y -BA CK G tt KNIGHT -KITS are AR,; E Every lishe1 shed KNIGHT-KIT an exctustve d ' specifications, . ve NT -KIT product meets or of Allied we refund exceeds BUY ANY your pub- money in full. /T MUST PERFORM XACTLYASCLq ME.D_ Illllllll 1111 1111 11111 only knight -kits have 'ONVFNlENCE ENGINFFRING" for easiest building... no previous electronic experience needed Exclusive in all Knight -Kits, "convenience engineering" means special attention to every detail: resistors are carded and numbered for case of selection...all parts and hardware are packaged in clear plastic bags for easy identiftcation...wire is precut, stripped and color -coded to save time. Finally, Knight -Kits are world- famous for their step -by -step instructions and wall -sized picture diagrams -assembly is a marvel of simplicity. Your final reward is proud enjoyment of the superior performance designed into your Knight -Kit. r "Span- Master" 4 -Band Receiver "Space- Spanner" Receiver "Ranger" Radio Clock -Radio Radio -Intercom "Ocean Hopper" Radio 5- Transistor Portable 2- Transistor Pocket Radio 1- Transistor Radio Electronic Lab Kits Photoelectronic System. and many others Communications Receiver 50 -Watt Transmitter Self- Powered VFO 100 kc Crystal Calibrator RF "Z" Bridge Code Practice Oscillator VTVM VOM's Tube Checkers Oscilloscopes RF Signal Generator Signal Tracer Audio Generator Sweep Generator Capacity Checker R/C Tester Transistor Checker Flyback Checker Battery Eliminator Sub Boxes, etc. 452 -page 1959 ALLIED CATALOG Send for this value -packed catalog featuring the complete KNIGHT -KIT line, as well as the world's largest stocks of everything In Electronics. Write today for this leading, moneysaving Buying Guide. ALLIED RADIO CORP.. Dept. 155 -E9 100 N. Western Ave., Chicago 80, III. Ship me Model Y -773 20 -Watt Stereo Hi -Fi Amplifier. $ enclosed Send FREE ALLIED 1959 Catalog. 38 years of experience in electronic kit design r[ Name Address City Zone State

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