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Electronics-World-1959-05 ' _ selected by Leak`- Heathkit, Dynaco and other ,',fling man,' fact urers. I HIGHER POWER, 1 LOWER DISTORTION, I EXTRA LONG LIFE! . Elements built and aligned to closest engineering tolerance. Mounts vertically. horizontally, angularly. 32 watts output in ultra linear circuit with less than 2 %. total harmonic distortion without feedback. 50 watts output in class AB. Control grid of extra heavy copper rods for rigidity. alignment of elements and superior heat dissipation. Oversize glass envelope. Operates at higher working voltages. Unconditionally guaranteed. s 11111111 g i INSIST ON THE ORIGINAL KT66 BY four mike inputs. At 15 ips, frequency response is 30 to 30,000 cps ±2db with flutter and wow .06% and noise ratio 57 db; at 7.5 ips the figures are 20- 20,000 cps -*2 db, .08% and 54 db; while at 3.75 ips response is from 20 to 11,000 cps ±3 db, .8%, and 51 db. Write the manufacturer direct for complete specifications on this stereo recorder. AUDIO CATALOGUES TUNER MEASUREMENTS The Institute of High Fidelity Manufacturers, 125 E. 23rd Street, New York, N. Y. has just released copies of its "Standard Methods of Measurement for Tuners" which is described as the first in a comprehensive program of measurement standards for component hi -fi equipment. Prepared by the Institute's Standard Committee in booklet form, the standard defines FM and AM terms, operating conditions, requirements and characteristics of testing apparatus, FM and AM test procedures, and test procedures for AM -FM tuners. The Subcommittee on Tuners was chairmanned by Daniel von Recklinghausen of H. H. Scott, Inc. Copies of the standard are available from the Institute at a $1.00 a copy. BRITISH INDUSTRIES CORP., PORT WASHINGTON. N. Y. DEPT. From the pioneer in ceramics for electronics L°JnERI E -o the new single XE-/9 c eramic element Stereophonic cartridge DYNAMIC BALANCING MAKES THE DIFFERENCE DYNAMIC BALANCING during manufacture provides full stereo reproduction. SINGLE ELEMENT DESIGN offers balanced outputs; excellent separation of 20 db over full audio -frequency range, with equal outputs from both channels. Compatible with stereo and monophonic discs. SPECIFICATIONS RESPONSE: 20 to 16,000 cps. OUTPUT VOLTAGE: 0.5 vrms at I KC each channel. COMPLIANCE: 3 x 10 "6 cm /dyne, vertical & lateral. RECOMMENDED LOAD: 2 megohms. RECOMMENDED TRACKING PRESSURE: 5.6 grams. CHANNEL SEPARATION: 20 db. STYLII: Dual tip; 0.7 mil diamond or sapphire, and 3 mil sapphire. MOUNTING DIMENSIONS: EIA Standard Via" & 1/2 " centers. 94 For additional information, see your Authorized ERIE Distributor ERIE RESISTOR CORPORATION MAIN OFFICES: ÉRIE, PA. U. S. A. "STEREO SIMPLIFIED" The high -fidelity stereophonic reproduction of music in the home is clearly explained in the new booklet "Stereo Simplified" just released by Sonotone Corporation of Elmsford, N. Y. The booklet explains, in layman's language, the entire process of stereo recording and reproduction. It is designed to help those who are interested in purchasing new stereo equipment as well as music lovers planning to convert present monophonic sets. The company's hi -fi dealers will supply copies of this booklet without charge upon request. "STEREO AND YOU Pilot Radio Corporation, 37 -50 36th Street, Long Island City 1, N. Y. has just published a new booklet entitled "Stereo and You" which is available for the asking. In this publication the company has endeavored to answer the questions that dealers and the public have been confronted with since the introduction of stereophonic sound. BROCHURE ON STEREO The Consumer Products Division of Hoffman Electronic Corporation, 3761 S. Hill St., Los Angeles 7, Calif. is offering a four -page, illustrated brochure on stereophonic hi -fi. The two -color booklet also offers cabinet design and technical information on the firm's 1959 line of stereo consoles and companion stereo speaker/ amplifiers. Those wishing a copy of this new booklet, "Stereo-Fi," should address their requests to Dept. K of the company. ELECTRONICS WORLD SOUND ON TAPE By BERT WHYTE TAPE news from the West Coast Hi -Fi Shows is pretty much along the lines of the previews I gave you last month. Most of the items I listed made their appearance, with one notable exception . .. and this could be said to have more or less sounded the keynote of the shows as far as tape was concerned. In other words, the 334 ips, 4- channel cartridge machines and tapes in this format were, for all practical purposes, out of the picture. The anatomy of this debacle is very complicated and, to he quite candid, very "political" and I cannot go into it at this time. Suffice it to say that unless there are some drastic revisions in the thinking of certain companies, the cartridge concept is a long way from commercial realization. It will ultimately come about and undoubtedly it will have its place in the market, but I question whether it will ever loom very large as an item for the genuine quality conscious tape enthusiast. As a long range prediction, I would say that with the application of new materials and techniques, the 3% ips cartridge concept might be competitive in quality with the stereo disc and might fill the needs of a large segment of the tape market. For the "all -out" hi -t1 quality tape boys, the ultimate goal will be the practical development of true 3- channel stereo. As even now the two- channel stereo tape and disc market is leading engineers into new avenues of experiment with the need for miniaturization of high -quality playback equipment, this will eventually furnish the background for three - channel stereo systems of reasonable size and cost. Such systems are not in the cards for the immediate future. But in the long interim (and it may take years) before this tape Nirvana is achieved, there must be a reasonable and practical system of high -quality tape reproduction. Obviously to achieve widespread commercial success this system must be demonstrably superior to stereo disc and, of course, must be reasonably competitive in cost. To my thinking this means something on the order of reel -type 7! ips, 4- channel stereo tape. As reported to you last month there have been some stirrings of interest in this concept and if enough people get behind this idea, the tape industry may have found its "Operation Bootstrap." Whether this or some other practical alternative is advanced, I think I can safely say that by the time the Fall : :i -fi shows arrive, the tape business will have finally drifted out of the disc May, 1959 DIMENSIONS: (8" system without base): 13%" high, 1834" wide, 13síá " deep. STYLES AVAILABLE: Three matching decors: contemporary, traditional, provincial. FINISHES AVAILABLE: Mahogany, walnut, oak. èfloia,ò!b(b Wl X?,b k k>c ', . ,^9)+OxrCd;°Cf.Ltbrí --X,b!w#b; oorp.yl 1x tr '. ..604)0())0g: )0" K1Kbf a ?!t.rt . . .Yti!lf ; r 1pP %AOoCCdb;elnÇat)( . . . . . . . . . rr.00u»Cyr. BREAKTHROUGH IN ACOUSTICAL DESIGN BY STROMBERG -CARLSON Stromberg- Carlson announces a revolution in speaker system design! The world- famous Acoustical Labyrinth= -long acclaimed for its peerless performance -is now available in small, compact systems! You get the cleanest, identifiable bass response-in shelf -size systems for 8 ", 12 ", 15" speakers. Identification of sound in all frequencies is directly related to transient response. Now STROMBERG- CARLSON HAS BROKEN THROUGH transient response limitations at low frequencies. How? WrrH OUR ACOUS- TICAL LABYRINTH QUARTER-WAVE- LENGTH DUCT. The result: new superiority of response! The phenomenal performance of these new Stromberg- Carlson speaker systems is matched by their versatility. They are available with or without base. You mount them on shelf or table ... on end or on the side -IN ANY WAY AND IN ANY LOCA- TION YOU CHOOSE! The new systems are available as (1) complete, factory -wired systems with speakers mounted; (2) as assembled labyrinths; (3) as unassembled labyrinth kits. Ask your dealer for a demonstration now. He's in the Yellow Pages. "There is nothing finer than a Stromberg- Carlson" STROMBERG -CARLSON A DIVISION OF GENERAL DYNAMICS CORPORATION - 1477 N. GOODMAN STREET ROCHESTER 3, N. Y. s-C GD 95

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