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Electronics-World-1959-05 I I . IN MAGNETIC TAPE RECORDING HEADS 4Tf;?:-.` FOR DIRECT REPLACEMENT FOR UP- GRADING EQUIPMENT FOR STEREO CONVERSION LEADING SUPPLIER TO THE TAPE RECORDER INDUSTRY Now replacement heads are available from the biggest supplier to tape recorder manufacturers ... heads for most makes and models ... the finest components for every replacement or conversion ¡ob. Erase, record and 4 -track stereo ... complete specifications to help you cash in on the demand for tope recorder service. FREE...BOOKLET ON 4 -TRACK STEREO USE COUPON r MICHIGANNN TICS, INC. DISTRIBUTOR DIVISION 203 N. Wabash Avenue Chicago I, III. Please rush me information on 4-track stereo . also details on heads for direct replacement and up-grading. NAME 1 ADDRESS 96 CITY I am a Service Dealer I am a Hi Fi Dealer I own a Recorder I am a Parts Jobber STATE J doldrums and will be scudding smartly before the "trade winds.' !MAIMS DOUBLE CONCERTO FOR VIOLIN AND CELLO David Oislrakll, violinist and Pierre I' mice, cellist with Philharmonie Orchestra conducted by Alece Galliera. Angel Stereo ST6001. Price $14.95. Well, I managed to scrounge an Angel tape and I can tell those of you who may be interested in Angel tapes that the amount brought into this country is quite limited and you have to hunt in the shops of tape specialists or check with some of the mail -order houses to find them. I have found the quality of the Angel tapes I have heard so far to be quite variable. As you probably know they utilize the "M/S" stereo recording technique (I have explained it in these pages before) and I have come to the conclusion that the results to be had from it depend to a great extent on the type of music that is recorded. As a general observation, these tapes exhibit far less directionality and more "middle fill" than tapes made to our 3- channel specification. Accordingly, in works of large dimensions and large orchestrations, the M/S works out fairly well. In scores with leaner orchestration where instrumental separation and directionality is important to the proper delineation of the music, it seems to miss its mark. This "Double Concerto" of Brahms is a case in point . the superb cello playing of Fournier can be fairly well positioned in the right channel and the fabulous Oistrakh violin occupies the "middle" channel, but both are subject to "wandering," especially the violin which pops up in the left channel occasionally. Beyond this, the over -all sound is extremely diffuse, with an apparent lack of energy in the left channel. In other words, directionality in this tape is definitely limited and I don't think this will appeal to American tastes. The tape was unusually quiet, but I am afraid that this was accomplished at the expense of the top end as it seems to be lacking in any appreciable high frequencies. Nor do bass frequencies extend very far down. Add to this a recording perspective well away from the orchestra which, with the reverberent acoustics, adds to the "formlessness" of the sound. Its very lack of solid contours lends an unobtrusiveness which may appeal to some, but hardly endear it to the sound enthusiast. It is really a shame for here is a much - needed addition to the stereo tape repertoire and the performances of Oistrakh and Fournier are breathtakingly beautiful. RACHMANINOFF PIANO CONCERTO #1 Byron Janis, pianist with Chicago Symphony Orchestra conducted by Fritz Reiner. Victor CCS65. Price $10.95. This was one of the last Victor tape releases before the drought set in and somehow it got tucked away on my shelves where I ,just the other day found it! Janis is making something of a name for himself as an interpreter of Rachmaninoff and in this recording he gives a very good account of his talents in a reading that compares favorably with Rachmaninoff's own. The sound has all of the stereo virtues and the plus of Chicago's Orchestra Flail acoustics for fine depth perspective. A good recording, but I wouldn't say one of the very best from Victor. But evidently the company thinks otherwise, as this was one of the tapes with which it did a great deal of the early experimenting with the stereo discs and many copies of it were given to people as a demonstration of the potentialities of the stereo discs. I might add that on subsequent comparison, the disc ran a very poor second to the tape. Perhaps the disc has been recut now in the light of more recent experience and fares a good deal better, but being admittedly prejudiced, I'd still place my dough on the tape! BEETHOVEN PIANO CONCERTO NO. 5 ( "EMI'EROR" ) Jacob Lateiner, pianist with Vienna State Opera Orchestra conducted by Armando Aliberti. Westminster Stereo SW119010. Price $14.95. Here is a stereo tape that should enjoy a brisk sale. This is excellently done on all counts. Lateiner may not have quite the refinement of Rubenstein in his version, but this is first -rate playing with a very lovely tone production. Soundwise this is a dandy, with fine balance between piano and orchestra. The piano is in "ghost" middle . and stays put, and the orchestra is well distributed left, middle, and right with excellent directivity making for good instrumental separation. Over -all sound is very clean and spacious. Highly recommended. -30- NOVICE COURSE POPULAR ALLIED RADIO'S "Novice Code and Theory Course" for beginning radio hums has drawn a record enrollment in its just -completed Winter session. A total of 110 students registered for the 14 -week Winter course -an increase of 50 over the Fall class. According to the company, this is believed to be the largest Novice course enrollment in the country. Classes are held in the company's cafeteria Monday evenings from 7 to 9. The course is filtered free and the firms supplies telegraph keys, headphones, and paper. Tapes and records are used to broadcast the code and students having difficulty can avail themselves of personalized instruction. At the end of the 14 -week course most students have a receiving speed of 8 wpm -3 wpm faster than required for the Novice license exam. Basic radio theory is given, covering the questions on the Novice exam. George Beret's, W9WOV, and Joe Huffman, W9B11D, both of Allied are the instructors. The class shows an amazing record of 66% successful FCC exams on the first try. -30- ELECTRONICS WORLD Juan Montero, matador. From BULLFIGHT, by permission of Simon and Schuster, Publishers. Copyright 01958 by Peter Buckley. for the matador - it comes when he can no longer play at the game of bravery, but must at last face up to the supreme test of his courage and greatness - when he must conquer or be conquered. . for the turntable or changer - it comes when the stylus descends to the groove of a stereo record, to track as never before required ... vertically as well as laterally, with lighter pressure, greater accuracy, less distortion and far more sensitivity -when the operation must be silent, smooth and flawless to permit the music to emerge with clarity, purity and distinction. Shorn of pretension and mere 'TH MOMENT OF paper claims, every brand, every product of old must now face up to the new challenge wrought by stereophonic sound. Regardless of past laurels, it is today's performance that counts. The United Audio DUAL -1006 - totally new, significantly different ... is the only combination professional turntable and deluxe changer created for uncompromised stereo and monophonic reproduction. We invite you to visit your authorized United Audio dealer ... to submit the DUAL -1006 to the most demanding of tests ... to see and hear it in its "moment of truth." The DUAL-1006 combination professional turntable /deluxe changer for uncompromised stereo and mono reproduction Actually tracks and operates automatically or manually with only 2 grams stylus pressure. Choice of heavy, large diameter turntables - new laminated concentrically- girded design retains dynamic balance and plano surface. Rigid equipoise motor suspension principle eliminates vertical rumble. Built -in direct reading stylus pressure /tracking force gauge. a31 lb. standard; 5V, lb. optional at May. 1959 Totally new design one -piece tone - arm - provides perfect vertical and lateral tracking - no multple arm resonance or cartridge vertical amplitude distortion. Truly freefloating tonearm - unique clutch disengagement for complete freedom. Multiple transmission motor drive uses individual gears for each speed - automatic disengagement makes "flat spot thumping" impossible. small extra cost. Stereo -mono switch has phase -cancelling feedback circuit to remove vertical noise signal from mono records played with stereo cartridge. Obsolescence -proof intermix for present or future record sizes. Elevator action changer spindle safeguards record grooves and centers. True manual (or automatic) single play - permits setting tonearm on rotating or motionless turntable. united udio PRODUCT OR DISTINCTION Desk 3 202-4 East 19th St., New York 3, N. Y Please send full details to: NAME ADDRESS CITY ZONE STATE 97

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