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Electronics-World-1959-05 r SUPERIOR'S NEW MODEL 77 VACUUM TUBE VOLTMETER WITH NEW 6" FULL -VIEW METER 1.4,tittioer SPECIFICATIONS DC VOLTS - 0 to 3/15/75/150/300 /750,1,500 volts at 11 megohms Input resistance. AC VOLTS (RMS) -0 to 3/15/75/150/300 /750/ 1,500 volts. AC VOLTS (Peak to Peak) -0 to 8/40/200/400/800 /2.000 volts. ELECTRONIC OHMMETER -0 to 1.000 ohms /10,000 ohms/ 100,000 ohms /1 megohm /10 megohms /100 megohms /1,000 megohms. DECIBELS -30 db to 4- 18 dis. + 10 db to 4- 38db, + 30db to + 58 db. All based on 0 db = .008 watts (6 mw) into a 500 ohm line (1.73v). ZERO CENTER METER - Por discriminator alignment with full scale range of 0 to 1.5/7.5/37.5/75 /150/375/750 volts at 11 megohms Input resistance. SUPERIOR'S NEW MODEL 80 Compare it to any peak -to -peak V. T. V. M. made by any other manufacturer at any price! Uses new Improved SICO printed circuitry. Employs a 12AU7 as D.C. amplifier and two 9006's as peak -to-peak voltage rectifiers to assure maximum stability Meter Is isolated from the measuring circuit by a balanced push -pull amplifier. Uses selected cero temperature coefficient resistors as multipliers. AS A DC VOLTMETER: The Model 77 is indispensable in HI -Fi Amplifier servicing and a must for Black and White and color TV Receiver servicing where circuit loading cannot 43e tolerated. AS AN ELECTRONIC OHMMETER: Because of its wide range of measurement leaky capacitors show up glaringly. Because of its sensitivity and low loading, Intermittents are easily found, isolated and repaired. AS AN AC VOLTMETER: Measures RMS value If sine wave, and peak -to -peak value If complex wave. Pedestal voltages that determine the "black" level In TV receivers are easily read. Comes complete with operating instructions, probe leads, and steamlined carrying case. Opvolt 60 on Only.0 volt es cycle. Only.. :42850 20,000 °LALLM ETER THE ONLY 20,000 OHMS PER VOLT V.O.M. SELLING FOR LESS THAN $50 WHICH PROVIDES ALL THE FOLLOWING FEATURES: so 6 INCH FULL -VIEW METER provides large easy -to-read calibrations No squinting or guessing when you use Model 80. so MIRRORED SCALE permits fine accurate measurements where fractional readings are important. so CAPACITY RANGES permit you to accurately measure ll condensers from .00025 MFD to 30 MFD in addition to the standard volt, current, resistance and decibel ranges. so HANDSOME SADDLE- STITCHED CAR- RYING CASE included with Model 80 Allmeter at no extra charge enables you to use this fine instrument on outside calls as well as on the bench In your shop. SPECIFICATIONS: 7 D.C. VOLTAGE RANGES (At a sensitivity of 20,000 Ohms per Volt' 0 to 15/75/150/300/750 /1500 /7500 Volts. 6 A.C. VOLTAGE RANGES: ( At a sensitivity of 5,000 Ohms per Volt) NOTE: The line cord Is used only for rapacity measurements. Resistance ranges operate on self -contained bat- teries. FEATURES: A built -in Isolation Transformer automatically isolates the Model 80 from the power line when capacity service is in use. Selected, Ir: zero temperature coefficient metalized resistors are used as multipliers to assure unchanging accurate readings on all ranges. INDICATES RADICA(TTYTTY IN 3 WAYS! I -BY NEON 2 -BY PHONE 3 -BY METER 0 to 15/75/150/300/750 /1500 Volts. 3 RESISTANCE RANGES: 0 to 2,000/200,000 Ohms. 0 -20 Megohms. 2 CAPACITY RANGES: .00025 Mfd. to .3 Mfd., .05 Mfd. to 30 Mfd. 5 D.C. CURRENT RANGES 0 -75 Microamperes. 0 to 7.5/75/750 Milliamperes. 0 to 15 Amperes. 3 DECIBEL RANGES: - 6 db to +l8 db. +14 db to +38 db + 34 db to + 58 db Model 80 Allmeter comes complete with operating Instructions, test leads and portable carrying case. Only S A 50 SUPERIOR'S NEW MODEL TV -50A GENOMETER 7 Signal Generators in One! R. F. SIGNAL GENERATOR: 100 Kilocycles to 60 Megacycles on fundamentals and from 60 Megacycles to 180 Megacycles on powerful harmonics. VARIABLE AUDIO FREQUENCY GENERATOR: Provides a variable 300 cycle to 20,000 cycle peaked wave audio signal. MARKER GENERATOR: The following markers are provided: 189 Kc.; 262.5 Kc., 456 Kr., 600 Kc., 1000 Kc., 1400 Kr.. 1600 Kc., 2000 Kr., 2500 Kc., 3579 Kc., 4.5 Mc., 5 Mc., 10.7 Mc., 3579 Kc. Is the color burst frequency.) RCA RADIATION COUNTER MADE TO SELL FOR 5160 °° OFFERED fOR ONLY 4750 R.F. Signal Generator for A.M. R.F. Signal Generator for F.M. Audio Frequency Generator Marker Generator Bar Generator Color Dot Pattern Generator Cross Hatch Generator 'This Versatile All- Inclusive GEN- ERATOR Provides ALL the Outputs for Servicing: A.M. RADIO F.M. RADIO AMPLIFIERS BLACK AND WHITE TV COLOR TV BAR GENERATOR: Pattern consists of 4 to 16 horizontal bars or 7 to 20 vertical bars. DOT PATTERN GENERATOR (FOR COLOR TV): The Dot Pattern projected on any color TV Receiver tube by the Model TV -50A will enable you to adjust for proper color convergence. CROSS (HATCH GENERATOR: The pattern consists of non -shifting horizontal and vertical lines Interlaced to provide a stable cross -hatch effect. The Model TV -50A comes complete with shielded leads and operating instructions. Only 7 4750 SI l'ERIOR'S NEW DIODE(. 76 ALL PURPOSE BRIDGE For the Srsi time ever: ONE TESTER PROVIDES ALL THESE SERI 1 IT'S A CONDENSER BRIDE with a range of .00001 Mierofarad to 1000 Microfarads (Measures power factor and leakage too.) ITS A RESISTANCE BRIDGE with a range of 100 ohms to 5 megohms ITS A SIGNAL TRACER which will enable you to trace the signal from antenna to speaker of all receivers and to finally pinpoint the exact cause of trouble whether It be a part or circuit defect. ITS A TV ANTENNA TESTER The TV Antenna Tester section Is used first to determine If a "break" exists in the TV antenna and if break does exist the specific point On feet from set) where it is. SPECIFICATIONS: CAPACITY BRIDGE SECTION SIGNAL TRACER SECTION 4 Ranges: .00001 Microfarad to 1000 With the use of the R.F. and A.F. Microfarads. Will also locate shorts, Probes Included with the Model 76. you and leakages up to 20 megohms. Meas- can make stage gain measurements, ures the power factor of all condensers locate signal loss in R.F. and Audio from .1 to 1000 Microfarads. (Power stages. localize faulty stages. locate factor is the ability of a condenser to distortion and hum, etc. Provision has retain a charge and thereby filter been made for use of phones and meter efficiently.) if desired. RESISTANCE BRIDGE SECTION TV ANTENNA TESTER SECTION 2 Ranges: 100 ohms to 5 megohms. boss of sync., snow and instability are Resistance can be measured without only a few of the faults which may be disconnecting capacitor connected due to a break In the antenna. so why across lt. (Except, of course. when the not check the TV antenna first? 2 R C combination Is part of an R C Ranges: 2' to 200' for 72 ohm coax and bank.) 2' to 250' for 300 ohm ribbon. Model 76 comes complete with all accessories including R.F. S 95 and A.F. Probes: Test Leads and operating instructions. Lv Nothing else to buy. Only Endless experiments and discoveries In the new field of nuclear energy are made exciting possible when you acquire this finely built and engineered device. In the past. a rugged counter which was suitable for the prospecting of radio- active ores such as uraium, thorium and radium, was unsuitable for laboratory work due to the inability of combining accuracy with ruggedness. Conversely a laboratory counter, while being extremely sensitive, could not withstand use in the field where it would be subjected to abuse and abnormally hard knocks. In the laboratory where determination of intensity (counts) of a reading are necessary, the WF -11AWR provides sensitivity for surpassing many laboratory counters. (Mua, less than sort SPECIFICATIONS Of Manufacture.) NET Employs the extra sensitive 6306 Bismuth an Indication is obtained you switch to Type Geiger Counter Tube. Sensitivity Is meter reading for exact measurements. .015 Roentgens per hour (I MR/HR=6600 Decontamination easy with damp cloth counts per minute. Three applied to the weatherproofed alumicounting ranges: 0 -200' num case. A radioactive specimen is 2,000 /20,000 counts per Included for instrument checking and minute. Handy reset but- experiments. Included at no extra ton. Ideal for survey work charge - U. S. Atomic Energy Commisbecause the complete unit sion booklet titled "Prospecting with a weighs only VA lbs. Sight Counter." R.C.A. Model WF -IIAWB and sound Indications Comes with complete set of batteries, by Srft fg e neon flashes and headphone. Then when comes complete with self -contained bat- carrying strap, headphone, r¢dloterles which provide over 200 hours of active specimen and A.E.C. booklet. intermittent operation. Only ... 16 EXAMINE BEFORE YOU BUY! NIT USE APPROVAL FORM ON NEXT PAGE 98 $47S0 ELECTRONICS WORLD

. ides : Model Multi- Socket Type SUPERIOR'S NEW MODEL 82A TUBE TESTER TEST ANY TUBE IN 10 SECONDS FLAT ! ØTurn the filament selector switch to position specified. OInsert tube into a numbered socket as designated on our chart (over 600 types included). OPress down the quality button- THAT'S ALL! Read emission quality direct on bad -good meter scale. SPECIFICATIONS Production of this Model was or- Tests over 600 tube types lased a full year pending careful Tests OZ4 and other gas -filled tubes study by Superior's engineering staff Employs new 4" meter with sealed air- of this new method of testing tubes damping chamber resulting in accurate Don't let the low price mislead out vibrationless readings We claim Model 8M will outperform Use of 22 sockets permits testing all similar looking units which sell for popular tube types and prevents pos- much more - and as proof, we offer sible obsolescence to ship it on our examine before you Dual Scale meter permits testing of buy policy. low current tubes To test any tube. you simply insert 7 and 9 pin straighteners mounted on it into a numbered socket as deslgpanel nated. turn the filament switch and All sections of multi -element tubes press down the quality switch - tested simultaneously THAT'S ALL! Read quality on meter. Ultra -sensitive leakage test circuit will Inter- element leakage if any indiindicate leakage up to 5 megohms cates automatically. Model 82A comes housed in handsome, portable Saddle- Stitched Texan case. Only .. . $36S0 StPe:tt10R'S NEW MODF:1. TV-12 T R A N S - C O N D U C T A N C E TUBE TESTER ALSO TESTS TRANSISTORS! TESTING TUBES Employs improved TRANS -CONDUCTANCE circuit. An in -phase signal is impressed on the Input section of a tube and the resultant ;late current change is measured. This n o- the most suitable method of simulating the manner in which tubes actually operate in Radio it TV receivers, amplifiers and other circuits. Amplification factor. plate resistance and cathode emission are all correlated In one meter reading. NF:W LINE VOLTAGE ADJUSTING SYS- TEM. A tapped transformer makes it possible to compensate for line voltage variations to a tolerance of better than 2;.. SAFETY BUTTON -protects both the tube under test and the instrument meter against damage due to overload or other form of improper switching. NEWLY DESIGNED FIVE POSITION LEVER SWITCH ASSEMBLY. Permits application of separate voltages as required for both plate and grid of tube under test, resulting in improved Trans -Conductance circuit. TESTING TRANSISTORS A transistor can be safely and adequately tested only under dynamic conditions The Model TV -12 will test all transistors In that approved manner, and quality ,.. read directly on a special "transistor only" meter scale. The Model TV -12 will accommodate all transistors including NPN's, PNP's, Photo and Tetrodes, whether made of Germanium or Silicon, either point contort . )unction contact types. Model TV -12 comes housed In handsome 1 250 rugged portable cabinet and sells for only I L SUPERIOR'S NEW MODE1. Tn55 EMISSION TYPE TUBE TESTER TIIE EXPERIMENTER or l'.tltT -TIME: SERV- ICEMAN, who has delayed purchasing a higher .o "O'°" FORpriced Tube Tester. FOIL THE PROFESSIONAL SERVICEMAN. who rust fi 14,4 sév needs an extra Tube Tester for outside calls. THE TV SERVICE ORGANIZATION. which needs extra Tube Teeters for its held men. Speedy, yet efficient operation is accomplished by: L Simplification of all switching and controls. 2. Elimination of old style sockets used for testing obsolete tubes (26, 27, 57. 59, etc.) and providing sockets and circuits for efficiently testing the new Noval and Sub -Minar types. YOU C.tN'T INSERT A TUBE IN WRONG SOCKET It is impossible to insert the tube in wrong socket when using the new Model TD -55 Separate sockets are used, one for each type of tube base. If the tube fits in the socket it can be tested. CHECKS FOR SIIOlIl's AND LEAKAGES BETWEEN ALL ELEMENTS - The Model TD -55 provides a super sensitive method of checking for shorts and leakages up to 5 Megohms between any and all of the terminals. Continuity between various sections is individually indicated. This is important, especially in the case of an element terminating at more than one pin. In such cases the element or internal connection often completes a circuit. FREE- POINT" ELEMENT SWITCHING SYSTEM - The Model TD -55 incorporates a newly designed element selector switch system which reduces the possibility of obsolescence to an absolute minimum. Any pin may be used as a filament pin and the voltage applied between that pin and any other pin, or even the "top- cap." ELEMENTAL SWITCIIES ARE NUMBERED IN STRICT ACCORDANCE WITII R.M.A. SPECIFICATION - One of the most important improvements. we believe. L the fact that the 4 position fast -action snap switches are all numbered in exact accordance with the standard R.M.A. numbering system. Thus. if the element terminating in pin No. 7 of a tube is under test, button No. 7 is used for that test. The Model TO -5S comes complete with operating instructions and charts. Housed in rugged steel cabinet. Use It on the bench -use ¿95 it for field calls. a streamlined carrying se. included at no LV extra charge, accommodates the tester and book of Instructions. SI-PE1tiOlt'S NEW MOItIl. R:I C. R.T. TESTER Tests and Rejuvenates ALL PICTURE TUBES ,. ALL BLACK AND WHITE TUBES Front 50 degree to 110 degree types -from 8" to 30" types. ALL COLOR TUBES Test ALL picture tubes -in the carton -out of the carton -in the set! Model 83 is not simply a rehashed black and white C R.T. Tester with a color adapter added. Model 83 employs a new improved circuit designed specifically to test the older type black and white tubes, the newer type black and white tubes and all color picture tubes. Model 83 Provides separate filament operating voltages for the older 6.3 types and the newer 8.4 types. Model 83 employs a 4" air- damped meter with quality and calibrated scales. Model 83 properly tests the red. green and blue sections of color tubes individually -for each section of a color tube contains its own filament, plate. grid and cathode. Model 83 will detect tubes which are apparently good but require rejuvenation. Such tubes will provide a picture seemingly good hot lacking in proper definition. contrast and focus. To test for such malfunction, you simply press the re). switch of Model 83. If the tube is weakening, the meter reading will indicate the condition. Rejuvenation of nicture tubes is not simply a matter of applying a high c* rw nev e ®. p

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