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I Hi -Fi & Stereo experts demand T to understand it is easy why MULLARD circuits & MULLARD PREFERRED Au- dio Tubes are being used rers by the most important manufacturers of quality audio equipment th ug on thit the world. Every designed range has been specifically d ig d to meet the exacting in re high fidelity sound every respect. the See that YOUR customers get world- BEST MULLA mous yR. DBTUBES!wlth EF66/6267 AF input pentode with exceptionally low noise, low hum. good mlcrophony & high gain. ECCB3 /12AX7 Specially constructed AF double triode with unique filament design for minimum hum levels as well as low micro - phony & low noise. Excellent replacement for I2AX7, 12AX7A & 7025. EL64/6805 Miniature AF power pentode. Particularly suited for compact stereo circuits propush viding up to 17 watts per channel In -pull. Et -37 AF output pentode requiring unusually low a} voltage up to 69 watts per channel ln push -pull circuitry replaces 6L6. KT66, 5861. EL34 /6CA7 High sensitivity & exceptional linearity makes this EL-34 the finest high power output pentode. Its efficiency & low drive voltage requirements make It Ideal for compact stereo circuits up to 100 watts per channel in push -pull. ECLB2 /68M8 AP triode & output pentode with unusual sensitivity. Specially designed for compact stereo equipment. Up to 9.8 walls per channel In push -pull circuits. EZB1 /6CA4 Miniature full wave cathode type rectifier with high voltage & with good regulation supplying up to 150 MA. 0234 /5Aß4 Bantam full-wave recliner with 5 volt. 1.9 amp & 25081A output. Replaces 5Ú4G & 5t'4GA without circuit changes plus additional advantage of better regulation & controlled warm -up time. - Other MULLARD PREFERRED types - OM70/1M3 ECC82/12AU7 ECHO' /6A18 EB91/6AL5 ECCB5/6A08 EL06/6CW5 EABC80%6AK8 ECC88/6DJ8 EM111/6DA5 EBF89/6DC8 ECC189l6ES8 EMB4/6FG6 EC9S,6ER5 ECM/ 61318 E280/6V4 ECM /12AT7 ECF82/6U8 Tiny Vacuum Tube Rivals Transistor High -efficiency, thimble -sized electron tubes are made possible by new RCA "Nuvistor" design. A NEW development in vacuum -tube construction techniques that will serve to make the tube more competitive with the transistor was demonstrated recently by RCA. In moderate to high power uses and especially at higher frequencies, tubes made with the technique are expected to far outshine their transistor counterparts. What is more, the new construction is well suited to mass production and the finished tubes are far more rugged, reliable, and efficient than ordinary tubes. Many notions about tube construction were abandoned and the construction of the new tubes was based on a fresh design approach, both from the mechanical and electrical points of view. Called " Nuvistors," the new tubes may find wide use in television receivers, communications receivers, and computers, as well as in more compact and efficient electronic equipment for defense and industry. Prototypes of the new tubes are now in advanced development at RCA's Electron Tube Division in Harrison, N. J. Developmental samples of the "new look" tubes are now being furnished to the electronics industry. A small -signal triode and a small -signal tetrode are offered at first and these will be followed later by a beam -power tube. According to present plans, limited commercial production will be started in 1960. At the press demonstrations, a completely "nuvistorized" tuner unit of a television set was shown in operation. The tuner required only a fraction of the plate voltage needed by conventional tuners. This experimental tuner, believed to be among the smallest ever designed for TV receivers, reduces the over -all volume of conventional tube TV tuner units by approximately one - third. The ruggedness of the new design was displayed in several torture and endurance tests. The tiny tube continued to function normally in an electronic circuit when placed alternately in the heating coils of a special furnace (at 660 degrees F) and in liquid nitrogen at -320 degrees Fl. In another demonstration, the new tubes were shown operating continuously in both the special furnace and in liquid nitrogen. Operation of the tubes was also not disturbed as the tubes were dropped repeatedly onto a metal block from a height of several feet. A cathode -ray tube curve tracer connected to the tube being dropped showed absolutely no change in operation and performance when the tube bounced on the block. The demonstrations clearly showed the high temperature capabilities of the "Nuvistors" as well as their reliable performance under conditions of severe shock and continuous vibration. Although life testing has not as yet been completed, it was said that tubes of this new design should have useful lives of tens or even hundreds of thousands of hours of normal operation. Three of the new tubes. now under development. are shown below along with their larger present -day counterparts. Inset shows inside construction of the triode. The outer shell- or envelope, of the new tube is metal or metal and a ceramic. HEATER CATHODE PLATE CERAMIC BASE WAFER GRID ta 100 Engineering application data for the NEW MULLARD STEREO CIR- CUITS available on request International Electronics CORP. trTh) 81 SPRING STREET Mulltard NEW YORK 12, N.Y. "Mollard" is the trademark of Mefferd Ltd. ELECTRONICS WORLD

The new dualettevy by SYLVANIA If MORE THAN A PORTABLE It MORE THAN A TABLE MODEL The set a serviceman can recommend to his best friend powerful fringe area performance long -life GERMANIUM OR SILICON RECTIFIERS for years of dependable reception exclusive "LIFETIME ENGRAVED CIRCUIT' shockproof, HIGH IMPACT STYRENE CABINET And, if service is ever necessary TWO QUICK STEPS OPEN THE DOOR FOR ALL SERVICE JOBS STEP 1 Take out only 8 screws to remove the back cover! All check points and tubes are accessible. A burned -out tube can be located in seconds! 90% of all service jobs and adjustments can be made without even removing the chassis! Just two more screws remove the entire chassis! If it ever becomes necessary to pull the chassis, simply remove two more screws and lift it out. The dualette carrying handle becomes a carrying handle for the chassis! Recommend SYLVANIA TV every set has a "LIFETIME ENGRAVED CIRCUIT" May, 1959 101

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