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Religion and Peacebuilding - Assignment

Religion and Peacebuilding -

The “4Rs” and the Role of Religion in Peacebuilding Education Introduction In January 2015, Novelli et al., under the auspices of the Research Consortium on Education and Peacebuilding, published a Working Paper entitled “A Theoretical Framework for Analysing the Contribution of Education to Sustainable Peacebuilding: 4Rs in Conflict‐Affected Contexts” . The object of the paper was to present a theoretical and analytical framework which would allow them to “critically analyse education policy and programmes and provide a framework for visualising what a sustainable peacebuilding and education system might look like.” (Novelli et al.:2015:3). In order to develop their framework, the authors have referred to their own previous work as well as carrying out a review of some of the relevant published literature in the field, situating themselves as critical of the “liberal peace” thesis which tends to prioritise the introduction of liberal democracy and market forces as leading to stability in a post-conflict region, relegating such provisions as education to a secondary consideration. (Novelli et al.:2015:5). One of the issues identified in the paper is the “...failure of 'state-centric' approaches by international actors to connect to the agency of local actors within civil society and sub-national contexts' which the authors find problematic in two respects: it limits the ability to capitalise on peacebuilding efforts already in place on a local level, arguably also risking undermining those efforts, and it risks failing to take into account the educational needs of a particular community (Novelli et al.:2015:7). Conspicious by its absence, however, is any consideration of religious education, and how it might fit with their framework. From their studies and analysis, the authors developed a “4Rs” analytical tool for assessing education for sustainable peacebuilding. In this assignment I will examine the “4Rs” framework, focusing on the specific issue of engagement with local actors and, using examples from recent 1

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