10 months ago


The ideology that blends multiple beliefs together in order to create a unified state

Brysonism When someone says something about a right-wing ideology, people always think of an oppressive regime such as the Nazis. However, this is not the only right-wing ideology that oppresses. The racist Alt-Right orchestrates white pride rallies. The Neo-Nazis follow in the Nazis’ footsteps. When someone says something about a left-wing ideology, people immediately think of Stalin, Marx, or Mao. Brysonism’s goal is to bring both sides of the political compass together by compromising between different ideologies. Food and Money In capitalism, you go out and you work, or you don’t and the government pays for your fat butt. Brysonists will go out and work, and you will get money, and based on your family size, your preferred amount, and your income, then you will get food.This combines the ideas of capitalism and communism. In the words of Coolio,”If you don’t work, then you don’t eat.” The Government There shall be three groups with power: the president, the senate, and the people. If a stance is adopted by ⅔ of the groups, then it is adopted by the third that is opposed. The people will vote at town halls and polling places. The senate shall consist of 200 people, half representing the government and its services, half representing the people. One governmental senator, one senator of the people, and a neutral senator shall be head of the senate. The senator of the people and the governmental senator shall be determined by five nominations from both halves and a vote from the senate. The neutral senator