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The ideology that blends multiple beliefs together in order to create a unified state

will be selected at

will be selected at random from the group of nominees. The president will be selected by a vote from the senate; the half representing the people shall vote according to how the people of their region vote. This is not required, but there is a strong possibility that the senator that does not vote based on how his or her people vote, will lose their job and/or be imprisoned. Whether or not he or she is fired and/or imprisoned is up to the people the senator is representing. There must be a majority vote in the type and degree of punishment, or the vote goes to the president. Law Laws shall be determined by basing laws off of the Bible, the United States constitution, and laws of countries worldwide. Amendments are allowed. Amendments and new laws shall be thought of and voted upon by the people and passed up to the senate; if there is a majority of at least 60%, the law or amendment will be either approved or vetoed by the president. If it is vetoed, then the senate shall decide whether to vote again or not. The senate leaders will decide whether or not to vote again. If there is at least a 75% majority in the senate, then the law or amendment will be passed. If there is not a majority, the head of the senate shall vote upon the matter. Keep in mind that a house divided cannot stand, so compromises may be required in order to preserve the state. Discrimination and Tolerance Discrimination of outside groups on account of race, religion, or gender is prohibited, no one is above another. But, tolerance of other political groups is

not required. In order for the state to be preserved, groups that are hostile towards Brysonism or supporters of Brysonism should be discouraged yet tolerated. Love your neighbor as yourself, love your enemy.