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TIME TO READ - RAISING SWEETIE RAISING SWEETIE After tearfully burying her beloved pet poodle, Sweetie, Glenda Stevens, a Park Hills mother, would have to explain what happened to her four year daughter, Sara. Sweetie had been run over by a mail delivery truck, and not wanting Sara, who was napping at the time, to see, Mrs. Stevens checked for vital signs and finding none, hastened to bury the dog before Sara woke up. About two hours later when the child woke up, Mrs. Stevens gently tried to tell the child about the accident. Little Sara begged to see the grave and Glenda reluctantly took her to the back yard where the dog was buried. Sara ran ahead and when she was near the site she began to scream. The dog´s hind legs were kicking wildly above the ground in an effort to dig herself out. Mrs. Stevens pulled the dog out and wrapped her in a blanket. She then grabbed Sara and rushed to the nearest vet. Sweetie had suffered a broken front leg and a broken jaw. The vet´s opinion was that it would be cruel to let her continue to suffer. Mrs. Stevens refused the vet´s suggestion to put the dog to sleep, “She’s my baby and I love her.” She felt that if the dog had survived both being hit by a truck and being buried alive she must do everything in her power to help her live. Besides, Mrs. Stevens recalled that Sweetie had once brought help when she herself had fainted and fallen in the bathroom. Mrs. Stevens rushed Sweetie to a specialist in Saint Louis to have her jaw fixed. Within a few days Sweetie was able to eat soft food. She is reported to be doing fine although she lost a few teeth and will limp for the rest of her days. 10

TIME TO READ - RAISING SWEETIE After Reading Activity 1 Answer the following comprehension questions. 1. What is the name of the pet? a- poodle c- Sara b- Sweetie d- Glenda 2. What is Glenda´s relationship to Sara? a- mother c- pet owner b- daughter d- vet 3. How old is Sara? a- 1 b- 2 c- 3 d- 4 4. What was Sara doing when the accident happened? a- She was sleeping. c- She was running. b- She was checking for vital signs. d- She was waking up. 5. What happened when Sara got to the grave? a- Sweetie was dead. c- Sweetie was moving her legs. b- Sweetie was being buried. d- Sweetie was limping. 6. The word rush(ed) in paragraph 3 and 4 is closest in meaning to a- invite c- move slowly b- see d- hurry 11