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TIME TO READ - RAISING SWEETIE 7. Which statement is FALSE about paragraph 3? a- The vet wants to sacrifice the pet. b- The pet is injured. c- Mrs. Stevens also wants the pet to be sacrificed. d- The pet once may have saved Mrs. Steven´s life. 8. What does “put the dog to sleep” mean? a- The dog goes to sleep for some time. b- The dog will feel better after waking up. c- The dog needs some sleep. d- The dog is given a shot (injection) and dies. 9. Which statement is FALSE about Sweetie´s current condition? a- She doesn´t have all her teeth. b- She feels so much better. c- She limps all the time. d- She cannot eat. Reading Strategy Improving Comprehension: Commas Knowing how to use punctuation marks, commas in this case, will help you increase understanding of a text. The meaning or additional information may come after a comma. Examples: 1- After tearfully burying her beloved pet poodle, Sweetie, Glenda Stevens, a Park Hills mother, would have to explain what happened to her four year daughter, Sara. 2- Sally is going to start college next semester. She needs to choose a major, her main subject. 12

TIME TO READ - RAISING SWEETIE 3- That´s Alejandra´s dictionary, not yours. 4- Alxander Neill was born in the small Scottish town of Forfar, fifteen miles north of Dundee in 1833. Note: In sentence 1, taken from the story, notice the connection between pet poodle/ her four year daughter and what comes after each comma. As you can conclude pet poodle is a dog and Sweetie is her name, and Sara is Glenda´s daughter. Let´s Talk Some More Remember to support all your answers. • Who are the characters in the story? • What is the story mainly about? • Do you like the ending of the story? • What could be a different ending to the story? • Have you ever heard of a similar event? Tell us about it. Special Project Present a timeline describing the main events in the story. After that, draw pictures to match each event. If you cannot draw, use pictures cut out from magazines to describe the events. Once you are finished, share with the whole class. 02 06 04 01 03 05 13