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TIME TO READ - RAISING SWEETIE 14 Writing What could be a different ending to the story? Use some of the great ideas you shared with your classmates in Let´s Talk Some More to write the new ending to the story. Be creative and have fun! As a variation, you can also write sentences to match the pictures you have drawn for the Special Project. Suggested Reading Many people, including young readers, have enjoyed reading Stephen King´s Pet Sematary. If you want to take your reading skills in English to a higher level, just lay back and have fun as you read this best seller. Have fun finding the following words! AWAKE BEG BURY CATCH CONSCIOUSNESS COVER DEPRIVED DIG EXCAVATE FAIL FAINT GRAB GRASP GRAVE GRIP HASTEN HURRY IMPLORE LOSE OBTAIN OUT OVER PLEAD QUICK QUICKLY

TIME TO READ - MIRACLE CURE MIRACLE CURE Before Reading Focus on Words Activity 1 Match each picture with the correct word. a- Lightning b- Tornado c- Earthquake d- Hurricane e- flood Activity 2 Match each natural phenomenon with the most appropriate description. 1___Hurricane 2___Lightning 3___Tornado 4___ Flood 5___Earthquake A- It is a great flowing or overflowing of water that submerges land which is not normally submerged. It occurs in rivers when the flow rate of water is greater than the capacity of the river channel. B- It is a sudden violent shaking (vibration) of the ground. It is also known as a quake or tremor. 15