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TIME TO READ - MIRACLE CURE MIRACLE CURE Many natural phenomena such as hurricanes, tornados, lightning, and storms are associated with disasters. That seems to be true in most cases, but for Edwin Robinson of Falmouth, Maine it doesn´t seem to be the case. The story goes that in 1980 Mr. Robinson, who had been blind and partially deaf for nine years, had a very unique experience. The day of the incident, the 62-year-old man was walking in the backyard of his house, calling his chicken Tuck-Tuck. Suddenly, the man and his chicken were caught in a severe storm. It began raining, thundering, and lightning. Mr. Robinson was trying to find shelter from the storm when he was struck by lightning. Apparently, his aluminum cane and hearing aids were struck first. He fell on the ground and lost consciousness for a few minutes. Later, with his wife´s help, he went into his home to get some rest. Mr. Robinson awoke to realize that he could hear and see very well. And in addition to this miraculous event, after having been bald for 35 years, he began to grow hair again. 19