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TIME TO READ - MIRACLE CURE After Reading Activity 1 Answer the following comprehension questions. 1. What natural phenomenon is not mentioned in the story? a- hurricane b- thundering c- lightning d- flood 2. How old is Mr. Robinson? a- 80 b- 62 c- 32 d- 9 3. Mr. Robinson was probably unconscious for a- 18 hours b- 15 hours c- 20 minutes d- one minute 4. The word shelter is closest in meaning to a- protection b- help c- house d- condition 5. Which statement is FALSE about Mr. Robinson? a- He used to be bald. b- He was young when the incident happened. c- He had a hearing problem. d- He was blind when the incident happened. 6. The word realize is closest in meaning to a- say something b- walk slowly c- become aware d- go fast 20

TIME TO READ - MIRACLE CURE Let´s Talk Some More Discuss the following questions with your partners. 1- What natural disasters are common in your country? 2- Did you like the story? Explain. 3- Tell your partners a story as amazing as Mr. Robinson´s. 4- Is Mr. Robinson´s story based on real events? Strategies for Enhancing Higher Order Thinking A picture is worth a thousand words: Choose several important ideas in the story and make a visual representation for each one. Special Project Remember that the main idea is the primary idea or point in a story. You should also keep in mind that a story has supporting details. These details tell more about the main idea. Use the strategy a picture is worth a thousand words. With a partner, choose 5 or 6 supporting details and make a visual representation for each detail. The images or pictures can be found online, but taking and using your own visual material can be fun and rewarding. If you decide to take your own pictures, make sure you do some planning, including at least appropriate clothes and settings. Once you are finished, you can create a poster presentation to share with the whole class. Each group will have a few minutes to present the poster and answer questions. Be creative and have lots of fun! Suggested Reading Extensive reading is one of the most effective ways to improve your English. This time we encourage you to read The Ugly Tree.Use the Internet to access the suggested reading. Have fun! 21