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TIME TO READ - DEADLY FLIGHT DEADLY FLIGHT A friend recently told me an amazing story about an incident that happened to his aunt, Maria, and his uncle, Roberto 22 years ago while they were living in Bogota. Roberto was working for a large, multinational corporation, and Maria was a housewife who stayed home to take care of the home and family. One day, the company asked Roberto to travel to the United States to work for a month as a reward for his outstanding recent work performance. He and Maria were very happy, and they celebrated with their whole family. That night, however, Maria had a very vivid dream in which her husband’s airplane exploded in mid-flight with her husband aboard. She awoke from the dream crying hysterically and very much afraid that the dream might come true. She told Roberto and begged him not to take the flight, but he just laughed and told her she was being silly and not to worry. When the day of the scheduled flight, Avianca Airlines Flight 203, finally arrived, Maria decided she could not take the risk of allowing her husband to get on that flight after having such a clear dream about the plane exploding with him on board. So while he was in the shower getting ready for his flight, she locked the bathroom door and moved some heavy furniture in front of the door to ensure that he couldn’t force open the door. When Roberto finished his shower, he realized that the door was locked, and he yelled to Maria to open the door, but she kept quiet and didn’t respond. He tried first to unlock the 27