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TIME TO READ - DEADLY FLIGHT door, then later to force it open, but he was not able to get it open because of the furniture blocking the door. When Maria finally opened the door, it was too late to catch the flight. Roberto was very upset about missing his flight and refused to speak to his wife as he walked past her out of the bathroom. Later that morning, when they were eating breakfast, they saw on the TV news that Roberto’s plane, Avianca Airlines Flight 203, had exploded shortly after takeoff. 5 minutes into the flight, a bomb placed near the fuel tank exploded at 13,000 feet. The blast ripped the airliner apart: the nose section separated from the tail section, which went down in flames. All 107 people on board were killed, as well as three people on the ground who were killed by falling debris. After seeing the news, they were shocked and started to weep tears of sadness mixed with joy that Roberto had escaped this horrible fate. Later they learned that one of the most feared assassins of the Medellin drug cartel, 29 year-old Dandeny Munoz-Mosquera, had placed a bomb on the plane because he believed that two informers who were cooperating with Colombian authorities were on board. According to the investigations the bomb was placed by a man wearing a suit who was able to bring the bomb inside the plane in a suitcase. The bombing of Flight 203 was the deadliest single criminal attack in the many decades of Colombian violence. Pablo Escobar of the Medellín drug cartel planned the bombing, hoping it would kill presidential candidate for the 1990 elections César Gaviria Trujillo. Gaviria, however, was not on the plane, and would go on to become President of Colombia. 28

TIME TO READ - DEADLY FLIGHT After Reading Answer the following questions. Choose the best answer. 1. Why is Roberto going to the States? a. He is on vacation. c. His company is sending him. b. He is visiting his uncle. d. He is moving there. 2. The word vivid is closest in meaning to… a. clear c. tragic b. sad d. happy 3. What is Maria worried about? a. She is afraid of not being able to go with her husband. b. She believes something tragic will happen. c. She is afraid of flying. d. She is worried about her husband´s job. 4. Why can´t Roberto get out of the bathroom? a. He is taking a shower. b. The door was shut. c. Something exploded in the bathroom. d. He is yelling. 5. The word yelled is closest in meaning to? a. talked c. heard b. invited d. shouted 29