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portada time to read 2


TIME TO READ - HITTING THE JACKPOT 8. bill 9. bankrupt 10. unsettling 11. Uplifting h- inspiring, moving, touching i- a sum of money that you owe to someone j- to deal with something, even if it is difficult or unpleasant; confront k- a written statement of money that you owe for goods or services (telephone, electricity, gas, etc.) Part 2 Fill in the blank with the most appropriate lexical item. Debt, facing, furnished, homecoming, mounts, relief, seek, tuition fee, unemployed, uplifting 1. I enjoyed reading his biography; it is informative, inspiring and __________. It encourages me to be better. 2. To my _________, I was able to pass the test. 3. The food court was lined with fast-food places and _________ with small round tables and wooden benches. 4. International pressure __________ on the U.S. to stop violence in the Middle East. 5. The school charges a ___________, but a lot of our students come on scholarships. 6. You should __________ medical care if exposed to the rabies virus. 7. The country’s overall __________ levels remain low compared to other Latin American countries. 8. According to some reports, Venezuela is __________ a financial crisis of major proportions. 9. It is estimated that 24 million Americans are __________ or underemployed right now. 10. While Marcia was away, her three daughters cleaned the house and decorated a Christmas tree for her __________. 34

TIME TO READ - HITTING THE JACKPOT Part 3 Listen to the following five statements. Underline the words you hear. Example: You hear: This is an amazing story; it is about a man´s spiritual rebirth. You underline: amazing and rebirth Amazing Face Luck Seek Bankrupt Furnish Miracle Unemployed Bill Gift Obstacles Uneventful Clue Groceries Rebirth Unsettling Downtown Holy Week Savings Uplifting Reading Strategy Understanding Parts of Speech: root words, prefixes, and suffixes A root word is a word that can stand alone. Example: call, play, story Prefix: It is a group of letters added at the beginning of a word, and the resulting new word changes its meaning meaning example mal re un bad again not, opposite of malnutrition replay uncertain 35