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TIME TO READ - THE METAMORPHOSIS OF AN ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNER THE METAMORPHOSIS OF AN ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNER Before Reading Focus on Words Activity 1 Match each word to the appropriate definition. Words 1__to allow 2__to broaden 3__to enhance 4__to excel 5__to overcome 6__to propel 7__score 8__to spot 9__the latter 10__to undermine Definitions a- to be very good at something b- to see, notice or recognize somebody or something c- to improve something d- to move or push somebody or something in a particular direction e- to make wider or broad; enlarge f- to control or deal successfully with something (e.g. a problem) g- to make something less strong h- to permit somebody or something to do something; let, give permission to i- the performance of a person on an examination or test, expressed by a number or other symbol; mark j- last mentioned (of two); the second of two things or people already mentioned 46

TIME TO READ - THE METAMORPHOSIS OF AN ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNER Activity 2 Use the words in activity 1 to complete the sentences. Keep in mind that some of the sentences may require different verb tenses. allow, broaden, enhance, excel, overcome, propel, score, spot, the latter, undermine 1. Drug addiction is a very difficult thing to ____________. 2. Socially smart people ____________ at influencing others. 3. I had never met her before, but when I walked in, I ____________ her instantly. 4. Learning can be ____________ through technological tools. 5. Pat and the new manager were very good friends, and that was something that really ____________ his career. 6. Distance learning has been a good choice for adults who want to ____________ their education. 7. Some experts believe too much emphasis on productivity may ____________ creative potential. 8. The professor said to his students that digital technologies ____________ people to work endlessly without a break. 9. Mary raised her TOEFL ____________ from 65 to 90 in less than a year. 10. The United Arab Emirates is home to two international urban centers, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, ____________ of which is now the world`s wealthiest city (Gimbel 2007). 47