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TIME TO READ - THE METAMORPHOSIS OF AN ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNER Let´s Talk Discuss the following questions with your partners. Make sure all your answers are well-supported. 1. What are the best colleges and universities in your city/in Colombia? 2. What are the five highest ranking colleges and universities in the world? 3. Is it easy or difficult to enter college in Colombia? 4. Can most Colombians afford to attend college or university? 5. What do most Colombians want to major in? 6. What would you like to major in? 7. Are you good at learning English and other foreign languages? 8. What are your strengths and weaknesses as an English language learner? Reading Strategy Recognizing word forms: nouns, adjectives, and adverbs Good readers can recognize most forms of words in a reading. Suffixes, endings on words, can help us recognize nouns, adjectives, and adverbs. -tion -sion -ence -ance -er, or, -ist -ment -ness Examples: nouns adjectives adverbs -less -ful -ent -ant -al -ible -able -ing -ar The pride I felt in high school for being such a remarkable student in my English class turned into feelings of disappointment and frustration in my higher education stage. -ly 48

TIME TO READ - THE METAMORPHOSIS OF AN ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNER More specifically, my grammatical competence made me realize their grammar mistakes and in this way, I gained more confidence. This indescribable experience prepared me for the challenges that awaited me in my home country. Word Forms Practice Put the following words (nouns, adjectives, and adverbs) in the correct place: homeless, beautifully, blindly, difference, applicable, boring, dentist, indictment, accidentally, helpful, independent, latent, elegantly, equally, definition, exactly, pregnant, division, honestly, jobless, careful, boldly, carefully, clearly, performance, writer, angrily, influential, confidential, incredible, edible, easily, tiring, rectangular, similar, generously, gently, happily, ignorant, comfortable nouns adjectives adverbs Higher Order Thinking- Critical Thinking Strategy Personalizing the Information: It is a key factor in helping readers make connections with the story. What does the story mean to you? Have you faced similar challenges? While Reading Circle or underline some of the nouns, adjectives, and adverbs used in the story. 49