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TIME TO READ - THE METAMORPHOSIS OF AN ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNER After Reading Activity 1 The next sentences, adapted from the story, have been scrambled. Unscramble the sentences according to the order of the story. __ I was afraid to participate in class. __ I used a grammar book to learn more English, and I began to feel a more confident language user. __ I worked as a teacher in the United States. __ I was an excellent high school student. __ My ICFES score was not high enough. __ I hope that others can learn from my learning experience. __ Besides the mandatory high school English courses, my classmates had taken English courses at language institutes. __ The class activities seemed to be more demanding for me than for my classmates. Giving advice in English There are several ways to give advice in English. Pay attention to the different sentence structures, and then practice with a partner. I have a headache. • You should take an aspirin. • You shouldn´t work so hard. • You ought to take an aspirin. • You ought not to work so hard. • Why don´t you take an aspirin? • How about taking an aspirin? • If I were you, I would take an aspirin. 54

TIME TO READ - THE METAMORPHOSIS OF AN ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNER Stronger advice • You had better go to the doctor. • You had better not work so hard. • You must see a doctor. Note: Had better indicates that it is advisable for someone to do something; if you don´t do this, something bad might happen. Notice how most native speakers use had better in spoken English. • Sam, you are very sick. You´d better see a doctor. (informal) • Sam, you are very sick. You better see a doctor. (very informal) Activity 2 Giving advice Some students are having problems with their English. With a partner, take turns giving them some advice. 1. What are some effective strategies to learn English well? What would you advise someone who wants to learn English? 2. Adriana wants to improve her English vocabulary? What should she do? 3. Alfredo wants to improve his listening skills, what would you advise him to do? 4. Sandra and Luis are failing English, and they definitely want to pass the course. Activity 3 Write a few sentences about some of the advice given in activity 2. Example: I think Adriana should read something in English every day. If I were her, I would read something in English every day. 55