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TIME TO READ - THE METAMORPHOSIS OF AN ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNER Let´s Talk Some More Part 1 Can you answer the following questions? Make your best guess! 1. What are the best-paying college majors? 2. What are the worst-paying college majors? 3. In Let´s Talk, you told your partners what you would like to major in. Now that you know about the best and worst-paying college jobs, would you like to major in something different? 4. Besides English, would you like to learn another language? If so, why? 5. Have you ever been in a similar situation as the author of the story? Did you persevere or did you give up? Part 2 Story Retelling In this part, you will take turns retelling the story that you just read. You might want to take a few minutes to get prepared. 56 Special Project Give a presentation on your strengths and weaknesses as English language learners. English language learners who know how they think and learn can become effective readers. Robert Sternberg in his book Successful Intelligence lists six components of successful intelligence.

TIME TO READ - THE METAMORPHOSIS OF AN ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNER For this Special Project you are required to work on the first component of such a list: know your strengths and weaknesses. Steps to be followed: 1- Groups: Work in small groups, 3 or 4. 2- Planning: Brainstorm ideas about your strengths and weaknesses. 3- Discussion: Why do you think you are good/bad at something? Provide examples like, “I am good at listening because I can understand most of what I hear. Watching T.V in English has helped me a lot.” 4- Graphic organizer: Use a graphic organizer before or during the presentation. 5- Presentation: Make sure your presentation includes an introduction, a well-supported description of your strengths and weaknesses, conclusions, and action to improve your English. 6- Questions/Feedback: This is the moment for peer and teacher feedback. Everyone is encouraged to ask for clarification or explanation. Suggested Reading Extensive reading is one of the most effective ways to improve your English. This time we encourage you to read Honesty is the Best Policy. Use the Internet to have access to the suggested reading. Have fun! 57