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portada time to read 2


TIME TO READ - THE LUCKIEST MAN Activity 2 Use appropriate form (comparative or superlative) to complete the sentences. Useful words: dangerous, big, famous, large, rich, healthy, influential. 1- A cow is big, but an elephant is __________. 2- The blue whale is __________ animal in the world. 3- An angry dog is dangerous, but an angry lion can be _________ 4- Albert Einstein is probably __________ scientist of the 20th century. 5- Usain Bolt runs __________ than my English teacher. 6- Usain Bolt is __________ person ever. 7- Carlos Slim, a Mexican business magnate, has been ranked as __________ man in the world. 8- Shakira is __________ Colombian singer. 9- Eating fruits and vegetables is __________ than eating fast food. 10- Planes are __________ than cars. 62 Activity 3 What do you think? Use superlatives and/or comparatives to answer. 1- Who´s the best soccer player in the world? 2- Who´s the richest person in your town/city/country? 3- What is the most innovative city in Colombia/ in the world? 4- What is the most expensive city in Colombia? 5- Who´s the tallest person in your class? 6- Who´s the shortest person in your English class? 7- Who´s the most talkative person in your English class? 8- Who´s the most famous person you have met? 9- Who´s the oldest person in your family? 10- Which city is more interesting, Bogotá or Medellín?

TIME TO READ - THE LUCKIEST MAN While Reading What is he/she like? Identify the characters in the story and prepare a brief description of each. In a story fictional characters come alive, and they have distinctive features and qualities that make them an individual, behaving in their own original way. Characters can be classified as major or minor, depending on how important is the role played in the story. Example: Character Mr. Oliveira Description He is adventurous. 63