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TIME TO READ - THE LUCKIEST MAN THE LUCKIEST MAN My name is Ricardo Oliveira and I am the luckiest man in the world. Why am I so lucky you ask? Well, I am aboard this fast sailing ship destined to arrive in France in three weeks. You want to know if I am French? No, I am not. I am Portuguese, but I will never live in Portugal again. Why? I will soon explain. First, listen. Once I arrive in France, I will know that I am safe. I plan to move to the countryside near Marseille and live on a farm. I dream of having many fruit trees and a house where I can watch the sunset and count the stars at night. Yesterday, November 2nd, 1522, our ship left the colony of Goa, India and now it must travel past the Cape of Good Hope before reaching the shores of Europe. Although this boat set sail in India, my adventure did not begin there. My journey started in Macau, China, a place I hope to never see again. Again you ask why. Well, let me tell you about my misfortune in those exotic lands. First, you need to know that the Portuguese empire is the largest in the world. With colonies in America, Africa, Asia, and Oceania, the empire controls the major global shipping routes. Two important colonies along these routes are located in Goa and Macau. Why are they important? These two colonies are the main ports of the lucrative spice trade between Europe and the Far East. What did you ask? Am I a spice trader? No, I am not. I have another job, but I will talk about that in a moment. Now, let me explain to you a little about life in these colonies, especially Macau. 65