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portada time to read 2


TIME TO READ - RAISING SWEETIE Mail delivery truck Draw pictures of each word. Dog Vet (veterinarian) Grave Hind legs Blanket 6

TIME TO READ - RAISING SWEETIE Activity 4 Let´s act out! Work with a partner and take turns acting out the next words and phrases: to bury, to nap, to wake up, to beg, to scream, to kick, to grab, to eat, to limp, to fall,wrapped in a blanket, teeth Reading Strategy Improving Comprehension: Capital letters Use capital letters to begin a sentence and for people’s names (proper nouns) and titles. Examples: Sara has a pet. She hastened to bury the dog. Mrs. Stevens pulled the dog out and wrapped her in a blanket. After tearfully burying her beloved pet poodle, Sweetie, Glenda Stevens, a Park Hills mother, would have to explain what happened to her four year daughter, Sara. 7