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portada time to read 2


TIME TO READ - THE LUCKIEST MAN More Learning Strategies: Sentence Modeling Reading comprehension is improved when readers can communicate (speak and write) with confidence and variety. Sentence models provide English language learners with lots of sample sentences (For more information, see Laying Foundations, chapter one). Writing Write your own sentences using these sentences models taken from the story. • My name is Ricardo Oliveira and I am the luckiest man in the world. • I plan to move near Marseille and live on a farm. • I dream of having many fruit trees and a house where I can watch the sunset and count the stars at night. • Although this boat set sail in India, my adventure did not begin there. • Two important colonies along these routes are located in Goa and Macau. • Like many empires that invade foreign lands, the Portuguese do not get along with the local people. • I dedicated my time in the colony to ending this inhuman business. • It is common for the Portuguese to take slaves from one colony and sell them in another. 70

TIME TO READ - THE LUCKIEST MAN Examples: • I am Margarita Garcia and I am the tallest person in this class. • My grandparents have lived on a farm near Villa de Leyva since 1955. • Mother Teresa dedicated her life to helping the poor. Let´s Talk! • What do you think about slavery? • Do you agree or disagree with the death penalty? • How do you think people in prison feel? • How do you think a person sentenced to death feels? • Why was Mr. Oliveira sent to prison? • Do you think he deserves death? • In the fourth paragraph, Mr. Oliveira confesses that he is guilty of liberating hundreds of slaves and sinking dozens of slave ships. Would he be considered a criminal today? Explain. 71