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TIME TO READ - ANSWERS MIRACLE CURE Activity 1: 1b/ 2e/ 3a/ 4c/ 5d Activity 2: 1c/ 2d/ 3e/ 4a/ 5b Activity 4: 1- (example)severe storm, amazing 2- true, again 3- lightning 4- storm began, shelter 5- Suddenly, clouds, thunder, lightning 6- lost, fell, ground Activity 4 (SCRIPT) Example You hear: 1- In 1980, Mr. Robinson was caught in a severe storm. Something amazing happened that day. 2- The information turned out to be true, and the old man was able to hear and see again. 3- Mr. Robinson was struck by lightning. 4- When the storm began, everyone ran for shelter. 5- Suddenly, there were dark clouds, and the rain came on with thunder and lightning. 6- The man lost consciousness and fell on the ground. After Reading Activity 1: 1d/ 2b/ 3c/ 4a/ 5b/ 6c/ 76

TIME TO READ - ANSWERS Let´s Talk Some More 1- Answers will vary. Common natural disasters in Colombia include: flood, mass movement wet (rockfalls, avalanches, and landslides), earthquake, volcano eruption, storm, wildfire, etc. 2- Answers will vary. 3- Answers will vary. Your story can be based on real or entirely fictional events. 4- The story is based on real events. In the early 1980s, local newspapers in Falmouth, Maine reported that Edwin E. Robinson, a former truck driver, miraculously regained his sight and hearing after being struck by lightning. He had lost his ability to see and hear in a car accident in 1971. Puzzle Solution (Over,Down,Direction) ALUMINUM (2,17,E) APPARENTLY (1,11,SE) BACKYARD (1,1,SE) BALD (8,14,W) BLIND (19,10,S) CHICKEN (20,3,W) DEAF (18,9,SW) DISASTERS (19,14,NW) HURRICANES (12,8,S) INCIDENT (14,2,S) LIGHTNING (13,18,N) MIRACULOUS (10,1,SW) PHENOMENA (4,9,NE) PICTURES (8,1,SW) RAINING (12,10,NW) SEVERE (14,12,NE) SHELTER (20,14,N) STORMS (5,9,E) STRUCK (5,1,SE) THUNDERING (11,10,W) 77