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TIME TO READ - ANSWERS DEADLY FLIGHT Before Reading Complete the following chart by writing the most appropriate Spanish translation. Notice that the verbs will be identified by a v (verb). If you want to see these words in context, go over each story again. Raising Sweetie English Spanish Miracle Cure Deadly Flight English Spanish English Spanish Vital Accident Opinion Cruel (v) Continue Specialist (v) Report Rest Vital Accidente Opinión Cruel Continuar Especialista Reportar Resto Natural Phenomenon Tornado (v) Associated Disaster Experience Incident Severe Aluminum Minutes Event Natural Fenómeno Tornado Asociar Desastre Experiencia Incidente Severo Aluminio Minutos Evento Multinational Multinacional Corporation Corporación Family Familia Company Compañía Recent Reciente (v) Celebrated Celebrar Vivid Vívido (v) Exploded Explotar (v) Decided Decidir (v) Respond Responder Bomb Bomba Section Sección (v) Escaped Escapar Horrible Horrible Assassin Asesino Drug cartel Cartel Informer Informante (v) Cooperate Cooperar Authorities Autoridades Investigation Investigación Criminal Criminal Attack Ataque Decade Década Violence Violencia Presidential Presidencial Candidate Candidato Election Elección President Presidente 78

TIME TO READ - ANSWERS Activity 1 Part 1 Possible answers 1. A dream is a succession of imaginary events that occur in the mind while you are sleeping. 2. Yes, but most of what people dream is quickly forgotten shortly after waking. Part 1 Useful information for possible answers. 1. It is reported that the average person has three to five dreams in one night, but some people may have more dreams per night. 2. For some people it is not possible to predict the future in dreams. However, there are numerous accounts of how many people have been able to predict future events through their dreams. Some people call it a supernatural, paranormal, or psychic ability. 3. Sometimes people can control their dreams. This is what is called a lucid dream. A lucid dream is one in which a person is aware that he/she is dreaming. Activity 2: 2a/ 3d/ 4f/ 5c/ 6e While Reading As you read the story, look for the following: 1. Main characters: Maria (the wife), Roberto (the husband). Other characters included in the story: Dandeny Muñoz, Pablo Escobar, César Gaviria. 2. A woman, whose husband is taking a trip, sees in a dream how her husband´s airplane explodes with him aboard. Maria knows and feels that she has to prevent her husband from taking that tragic flight. After Reading 1c/ 2a/ 3b/ 4b/ 5d 79