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portada time to read 2


TIME TO READ - ANSWERS Prefix and Suffix Practice Prefix rebirth recalled reacquainted unemployed uneventful unlock Suffix Checked hastened tried recalled begged unemployed buried pulled wrapped grabbed rushed reacquainted reluctantly sadness seeking employment While Reading Some prefixes and suffixes you can underline. A few years ago, just a week before Holy Week, something amazing happened to me. It was something that would change me forever. After Reading Activity 1 The only true statements are 2,4,7; the others are false. 82

TIME TO READ - ANSWERS Activity 2 1- After having lived in the United States for the last three years, my family and I had returned to Colombia. 2- When our savings had been spent, I had to borrow money from some friends. 3- On the night of Palm Sunday I fell into a deep sleep, having a moment of clairvoyance. 4- I told my wife and kids to stop by the lotto place. I wanted to play the number again. 5- I hit the jackpot. 6- Some people were helped as I had seen it in my dream a few days ago. Activity 3 Listen and write the statements you hear. 1. Holy Week is an especially uplifting and meaningful time. 2. I cannot afford to pay the 2,000 tuition fee. 3. We had to run some errands downtown. 4. It was not a good idea to play the same number in several lotteries. 5. My family and I had returned to Colombia after living in the U.S. for three years. Activity 4 Part 1- Answers will vary. Part 2- Answers will vary. 83