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TIME TO READ - ANSWERS What is the main idea of the story? Possible answer: The story is about a man who has recently returned to Colombia. After almost going bankrupt and having to borrow money from friends, he dreams of the winning lottery numbers. He solves his financial problems and has a renewed faith in the Lord. What supporting ideas can you find in the story? Some supporting ideas that illustrate why the main character was having financial problems: We didn´t bring much money, just enough to furnish our apartment and pay bills. When our savings had been spent, I had to borrow money from some friends. Our debts began mounting. Despite all my efforts to have the financial situation under control, I noticed that we were going bankrupt. I called Oscar, one of my best friends, to see if he could help me, but I found out that he wasn´t doing well either. In fact, he had not been able to buy groceries for his family. Let´s Talk Some More - Answers will vary. Puzzle Solution (Over,Down,Direction) ADJUSTING (9,12,SW) BANKRUPT (18,8,N) BOOKSHELF (9,9,W) CLAIRVOYANCE (20,12,N) DEBT (3,17,SE) DESPITE (3,16,E) ERRANDS (3,9,SE) FURNISH (19,1,S) GRASP (11,17,NE) HOMECOMING (1,8,E) IMMEASURABLE (6,13,NE) JACKPOT (8,1,SW) OVERCOME (9,17,NE) PRAY (9,13,E) REBIRTH (20,16,W) SOMEHOW (15,7,NW) UNEVENTFUL (5,1,SE) UNSETTLING (17,9,S) UPLIFTING (20,19,NW) VIVIDLY (1,7,N) 84

TIME TO READ - ANSWERS Before Reading Activity 1 THE METAMORPHOSIS OF AN ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNER 1h/ 2e/ 3c/ 4a/ 5f/ 6d/ 7i/ 8b/ 9j/ 10g Activity 2 1 overcome/ 2 excel/ 3 spotted/ 4 enhanced/ 5 propelled/ 6 broaden/ 7 undermine/ 8 allow/ 9 score/ 10 the latter Let´s Talk Answers will vary. You may find the following information and vocabulary useful: Undergraduate degree: also called a first degree or bachelor´s degree. It takes three or four years to complete an undergraduate program. College vs. university: These two terms are commonly used interchangeably, but they are not the same. Graduate degree or graduate school: In the United States people refer to advanced academic degrees as graduate degrees, but in other English-speaking countries (Australia, Canada, Ireland, UK) people talk about postgraduate education. College: It is a higher education institution that offers undergraduate programs. Colleges are smaller than universities, and when people graduate they earn a Bachelor’s degree. In general, you cannot get a Master´s degree or Ph.D. from a college. University: It is a higher education institution that offers undergraduates and graduate degrees. When people graduate from a university, they can get a Bachelor´s degree, a Master´s degree or Ph.D. High ranking: adj. superior; at an elevated level in rank or importance Afford to: if you can/could afford to do something, you have enough money, time, space, etc for a particular purpose 85