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TIME TO READ - ANSWERS 86 Major: n. the principal subject or course of a student at college or university: a major in law, a major in education To major (in): to study a subject at college or university: major in English and French Strength (s): the qualities and abilities you have Weakness (es): lack of strength; inadequate quality Useful notes: 2- According to several lists ranking the world´s best higher education institutions, the United States and the United Kingdom are on top of the list. Five highest-ranking universities: Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge University, University of Oxford, and Stanford University Word Forms Practice nouns adjectives adverbs definition, division, difference, performance, writer, dentist, indictment While Reading homeless, jobless, careful, helpful, independent, latent, ignorant, pregnant, influential, confidential, incredible, edible, comfortable, applicable, boring, tiring, rectangular, similar accidentally, angrily, beautifully, blindly, boldly, carefully, clearly, easily, elegantly, equally, exactly, generously, gently, happily, honestly Here is a list of some of the nouns, adjectives, and adverbs in the story. Nouns: student, class, high school, city, success, university, language program, score, position, number, applicant, list, ranking, registration, process, window, opportunity

TIME TO READ - ANSWERS Adjectives: English, public, ranking Adverbs: most, only, luckily, perhaps After Reading Activity 1 1. I was an excellent high school student. 2. My ICFES score was not high enough. 3. Besides the mandatory high school English courses, my classmates had taken English courses at language institutes. 4. The class activities seemed to be more demanding for me than for my classmates. 5. I was afraid to participate in class. 6. I used a grammar book to learn more English, and I began to feel a more confident language user. 7. I worked as a teacher in the United States. 8. I hope that others can learn from my learning experience. Activity 2 Answers will vary. Activity 3 Answers will vary. Let´s Talk Some More Part 1 Answers will vary. Useful Notes: Engineering and computer information systems are considered to be the most valuable college majors in the marketplace today. So, if you want to land a well-paying job after college, you should think about biomedical engineering, software engineering, environmental engineering, civil engineering, petroleum engineering. 87