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portada time to read 2


TIME TO READ - ANSWERS According to a report by Center on Education and the Workforce (CEW) at Georgetown University, anthropology, archeology, philosophy, the arts, elementary education, special education, religious studies, social work, are some of the worst-paying college majors. Part 2 You are encouraged to retell the story in your own words. Puzzle Solution (Over,Down,Direction) ADMITTEDLY (10,5,E) APPLICANTS (1,4,SE) BROADEN (20,13,S) CHALLENGING (12,11,NW) CONFIDENT (10,15,NW) DISADVANTAGE (19,9,W) DISAPPOINTMENT (13,6,S) ENHANCE (10,14,SW) FREQUENTLY (10,10,SW) GUARANTEE (15,18,N) HORRIFIED (1,15,NE) INDESCRIBABLE (13,1,SW) LIMITATIONS (20,11,N) LUCKILY (12,19,W) MANDATORY (11,14,E) OUTSTANDING (2,20,NE) POTENTIAL (19,13,W) REMARKABLE (1,1,S) SPOTTED (10,7,NW) UNDERMINE (2,9,SE) 88

TIME TO READ - ANSWERS THE LUCKIEST MAN Before Reading Focus on Words Part 1 1d/ 2f/ 3i/ 4m/ 5n/ 6k/ 7c/ 8l/ 9e/ 10g/ 11b/ 12a/ 13h/ 14j Grammar Review Activity 1 Safe Important Happy Big Expensive Tall Safer More important Happier Bigger More expensive Taller The safest The most important The happiest The biggest The most expensive The tallest More practice! Common (more common, the most common), inhuman (more inhuman, the most inhuman), loud (louder, the loudest, incredible (more incredible, the most incredible), short (shorter, the shortest), exotic (more exotic, the most exotic), lucrative (more lucrative, the most lucrative), corrupt(more corrupt, the most corrupt), cheap (cheaper, the cheapest) Activity 2 1-bigger, 2-the largest, 3-more dangerous, 4-the most influential, 5-faster, 6-the fastest, 7-the richest, 8-the most famous, 9-healthier, 10-more expensive 89