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portada time to read 2


TIME TO READ - ANSWERS Activity 3 Answers will vary. For example, Lionel Messi/Cristiano Ronaldo is the best soccer player in the world. While Reading What is he/she like? Identify the characters in the story and prepare a brief description of each. Character Mr. Oliveira Portuguese settlers Police chief Description He is adventurous and somewhat lucky. They are ambitious and think they are better that others. The police chief is corrupt. Chinese children Slave traders Judge They are enslaved by the traders. They are cruel and ambitious. He decides who is guilty or innocent, and sentenced Mr. Oliveira to death. 90

TIME TO READ - ANSWERS After Reading Activity 1 Parts of Speech 1- fast (adj), weeks (n), 2- move (v), farm (n) 3- explain (v), about (prep), colonies (n) 4- foreign (adj), get along (v), local (adj) 5- Chinese (adj), prison (n) 6- he (s), me (object pronoun), death (n) Activity 2 1- d 2- a Useful information about question 2 a- countryside: fields, rural section b- farm: a place to grow crops or keeping animals c- ship: a large boat or vessel d- journey: a trip or travel 3- b 4- c Useful information about question 4 a- empire: powerful government b- colony: an area controlled by people from another country c- trader: merchant or businessperson d- route: a course or road 5- b Useful information about question 5 a- cooperate: collaborate b- free: liberate c- sentence: condemn d- believe: think; suppose 6- c 7- d 8- c 91