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Opportunity Youth: Disenfranchised Young People

Opportunity Youth: Disenfranchised Young People

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About The Author John C (Jack) Johnson III Founder & CEO Jack was educated at Temple University, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Rutgers Law School, in Camden, New Jersey. In 1999, he moved to Atlanta, Georgia to pursue greater opportunities to provide Advocacy and Preventive Programmatic services for atrisk/ at-promise young persons, their families, and Justice Professionals embedded in the Juvenile Justice process in order to help facilitate its transcendence into the 21 st Century. There, along with a small group of community and faith-based professionals, “The Advocacy Foundation, Inc." was conceived and developed over roughly a thirteen year period, originally chartered as a Juvenile Delinquency Prevention and Educational Support Services organization consisting of Mentoring, Tutoring, Counseling, Character Development, Community Change Management, Practitioner Re-Education & Training, and a host of related components. The Foundation’s Overarching Mission is “To help Individuals, Organizations, & Communities Achieve Their Full Potential”, by implementing a wide array of evidence-based proactive multi-disciplinary "Restorative & Transformative Justice" programs & projects currently throughout the northeast, southeast, and western international-waters regions, providing prevention and support services to at-risk/ at-promise youth, to young adults, to their families, and to Social Service, Justice and Mental Health professionals” everywhere. The Foundation has since relocated its headquarters to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and been expanded to include a three-tier mission. In addition to his work with the Foundation, Jack also served as an Adjunct Professor of Law & Business at National-Louis University of Atlanta (where he taught Political Science, Business & Legal Ethics, Labor & Employment Relations, and Critical Thinking courses to undergraduate and graduate level students). Jack has also served as Board President for a host of wellestablished and up & coming nonprofit organizations throughout the region, including “Visions Unlimited Community Development Systems, Inc.”, a multi-million dollar, award-winning, Violence Prevention and Gang Intervention Social Service organization in Atlanta, as well as Vice-Chair of the Georgia/ Metropolitan Atlanta Violence Prevention Partnership, a state-wide 300 organizational member, violence prevention group led by the Morehouse School of Medicine, Emory University and The Original, Atlanta-Based, Martin Luther King Center. Attorney Johnson’s prior accomplishments include a wide-array of Professional Legal practice areas, including Private Firm, Corporate and Government postings, just about all of which yielded significant professional awards & accolades, the history and chronology of which are available for review online. Throughout his career, Jack has served a wide variety of for-profit corporations, law firms, and nonprofit organizations as Board Chairman, Secretary, Associate, and General Counsel since 1990. Clayton County Youth Services Partnership, Inc. – Chair; Georgia Violence Prevention Partnership, Inc – Vice Chair; Fayette County NAACP - Legal Redress Committee Chairman; Clayton County Fatherhood Initiative Partnership – Principal Investigator; Morehouse School of Medicine School of Community Health Feasibility Study - Steering Committee; Atlanta Violence Prevention Capacity Building Project – Project Partner; Clayton County Minister’s Conference, President 2006-2007; Liberty In Life Ministries, Inc. – Board Secretary; Young Adults Talk, Inc. – Board of Directors; ROYAL, Inc - Board of Directors; Temple University Alumni Association; Rutgers Law School Alumni Association; Sertoma International; Our Common Welfare Board of Directors – President)2003-2005; River’s Edge Elementary School PTA (Co-President); Summerhill Community Ministries; Outstanding Young Men of America; Employee of the Year; Academic All-American - Basketball; Church Trustee. Page 70 of 72

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