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Boris V. Vasiliev Supercondustivity Superfluidity

Chapter 5 Superfluidity

Chapter 5 Superfluidity The first study of the properties of helium-II began in the Leiden laboratory as early as in 1911, the same year when superconductivity was discovered. A little later the singularity in the specific heat, called the λ-transition, was discovered. However, the discovery of superfluidity of liquid helium was still far away, as Pyotr L. Kapitsa discovered it by 1938. This discovery became a landmark for the world science, so many events associated with it are widely known, but one story of Kapitsa’s background was never published. This Soviet scientist Isaak K. Kikoine relayed this story to me in the mid 1960s, at this time, when I was his graduate student. Kikoine was one of the leaders of the Soviet atomic project and was also engaged with important state affairs for most of the days. In the evenings, however, he often visited the labs of my colleagues or my laboratory to discuss scientific news. During these talks, he often intertwined scientific debate and interesting memories from history of physics. Here is his story about Kapitsa and superfluidity as it was remembered and relayed to me.

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