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Personal Care Catalog Vol 21, 2018

View the Personal Care Retail Catalog which shows retail pricing for personal care products. Comes with a great selection of soaps, body oils, skin care products, herbal remedies, and more.

10 Nubian Heritage Soaps

10 Nubian Heritage Soaps Frankincense and Myrrh Soap Condition and soothe your skin with this shea enriched soap. 5 oz. M-S307 $5.98 Patchouli & Buriti Soap Relaxing, uplifting and soothing to the senses, Patchouli complements the Amazonian beauty secret, Buriti Oil. 5 oz. M-S314 $7.58 “I literally can’t keep up with the sell of these soaps, my customers are constantly purchasing them and asking for more.” ~ Caren in New York Peppermint Soap with Baking Soda Gently exfoliates while moisturizing. 5 oz. M-S305 $5.98 Lemongrass and Tea Tree Soap Invigorates your senses with a crisp, refreshing scent 5 oz. M-S309 $5.98 Honey and Black Seed Soap Moisturizes skin while healing imperfections. 5 oz. M-S306 $5.98 Olive Butter Avocado Soap A great way to heal stretch marks! 5 oz. M-S304 $5.98 Cocoa Butter and Chocolate Soap A tempting concoction of chocolate, cocoa butter, and hazelnuts. 5 oz. M-S308 $5.98

All-Natural Cleansing and Nourishment 11 Coconut and Papaya Soap Nourish your skin with this vitamin and mineral enriched soap. 5 oz. M-S310 $5.98 All soaps on this page $5.98 each! Black Soap with Shea Butter One of our best-selling soaps, this black soap with oats and shea butter works to purify, exfoliate, and moisturize your skin. 5 oz. M-S301 $5.98 Shea Butter Soap with Lavender and Mango Butter Soap Wildflowers This mango butter soap smells so good you’ll Revel in the delicate scent, while giving your want to eat it! 5 oz. M-S303 $5.98 skin moisture and nutrition. 5 oz. M-S302 $5.98 Indian Hemp & Haitian Vetiver Soap An exotic scented, skin healing soap 5 oz. M-S313 $5.98 Goats Milk and Chai Soap Warmly scented and incredibly softening. 5 oz. M-S311 $5.98 Carrot and Pomegranate Fruit and veggie nutrition for clear, soft skin. 5 oz. M-S312 $5.98

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