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Personal Care Catalog Vol 21, 2018

View the Personal Care Retail Catalog which shows retail pricing for personal care products. Comes with a great selection of soaps, body oils, skin care products, herbal remedies, and more.

32 New from Genuine

32 New from Genuine African Formula DermaClaire Natural Fade Cream - 2 oz. M-P358 $17.90 SuperGrow Hair Gel: Extra Hold 4 oz. M-P309 $11.90 SuperGrow Hair Gel: Regular Hold 4 oz. M-P356 $11.90 Elephant Balm Analgesic Ointment 2 oz. H-036 $11.90 Hair Thickening Shampoo 8 oz. M-P336 $15.90 Let-It-Grow Conditioning Shampoo 8 oz. M-P308 $11.90 Therapeutic Massage Oil 8 fl. oz. M-P330 $19.90 Nine Herbs Detoxifying Bath Formula 8 fl. oz. M-P312 $11.90

Egyptian Black seed therapy 33 Black Seed Cream This all-natural cream made with essential black seed oil leaves your skin toned, firm and smooth. M-269 $6.98 Black Seed Lotion This lotion is bursting with goodness of natural extracts that help leave the skin lighter, firmer and smoother. 8.45 oz. (250 mL) M-P223 $7.90 Black Seed Beauty Collection Kit includes: • Black Seed Soap • Black Seed Oil • Black Seed Cream M-P264 $17.90 100% Pure Black Seed Oil Discover the 2000-year-old skin care secret of black seed oil. Immensely popular throughout the world for its skin care benefits. Black seed oil contains a high vitamin, mineral and essential fatty acid content, which make it an amazing skin treat. The pharaoh Tutankamun even had a bottle of the oil in his tomb! Black seed is listed as one of the most effective antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and immune boosting agents around. 1 oz. M-266 $9.90 4 oz. M-267 $23.90 1 lb. M-268 $69.90 $59.90

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