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Personal Care Catalog Vol 21, 2018

View the Personal Care Retail Catalog which shows retail pricing for personal care products. Comes with a great selection of soaps, body oils, skin care products, herbal remedies, and more.

34 Vitamin E Oil Find

34 Vitamin E Oil Find out how to make your skin smooth and supple with vitamin E oil. Vitamin E oil is full of antioxidants and natural moisturizers to heal and protect your skin! Vitamin E is famous for healing the effects of psoriasis, scarring, stretch marks, and fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin E oil also can protect your skin, hair, and nails from harsh environmental factors like wind, pollution, and intense sunlight. Not intended for use as a sunscreen. Ingredients: Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E) Oil. Made in USA. 1 oz. M-320 $15.90 $13.90 4 oz. M-321 $47.90 $27.90 16 oz. M-322 $119.90 $75.90 Healing Oil Wellness Set 4 oz. 16 oz. 1 oz. Set includes: • 4 oz. Shea Nut Oil • 4 oz. Jamaican • 4 oz. Black Seed Oil • 4 oz. Vitamin E Oil Black Castor Oil Healing Oils Wellness Set NEW Reduce signs of aging, soften your skin, and enjoy clear, radiant skin. Save over 15% on each oil when you purchase this set. X-027 $55.90 Jojoba Oil 4 oz. M-230 $29.90 1 lb. M-231 $75.90 1 gallon M-232 $399.90 4 oz. 16 oz. Tea Tree Oil Tea tree is a highly effective antifungal/ antibacterial skin smoother, derived from the native tree 'Meleleuca alternifolia' in Australia. 4 oz. M-263 $39.90 16 oz. M-263LB $99.90 Macadamia Nut Oil Nourish your skin with rapidly-healing macadamia nut oil. This oil tones aged or dry skin, softening and healing wounds, scarring, lines, and stretch marks. 4 oz. M-P111 $7.90 $6.98 16 oz. M-P112 $23.90 $17.90 4 oz. 16 oz. 4 oz. 16 oz.

Skin and Hair Revitalizing Argan Oil 35 Beautifying Moroccan Argan Oil Rejuvenate your hair and skin with this rare Moroccan oil. This oil regenerates and renews skin cells making your skin softer and more supple, more toned, and more resistant to pollution. The vitamin E in argan oil makes it effective for relieving muscle aches and joint pains. For Your Hair: Argan oil repairs, hydrates, moisturizes and adds shine to your hair. It is non-greasy and instantly conditions while eliminating frizz. 4 oz. M-P166 $31.90 $29.90 1 lb. M-P166LB $79.90 $75.90 16 oz. 4 oz. Healing, Soothing Emu Oil 4 oz. M-P163 $59.90 1 lb. M-P164 $159.90 Virgin Hemp Seed oil 4 oz. M-P347 $7.90 16 oz. M-P347LB $19.90 4 oz. 16 oz. 4 oz. 16 oz. Sweet Almond Oil 4 oz. M-P108 $7.90 1 lb. M-P109 $23.90 $19.90 Organic Virgin Baobab Seed Oil 1 oz. M-356 $19.90 $13.90 4 oz. M-357 $55.90 $39.90 4 oz. 16 oz. 4 oz. 1 oz.

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