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Personal Care Catalog Vol 21, 2018

View the Personal Care Retail Catalog which shows retail pricing for personal care products. Comes with a great selection of soaps, body oils, skin care products, herbal remedies, and more.

60 Incense For your

60 Incense For your moods, feelings, Incense helps you to feel good, connect with yourself; practice more self care and compassion; and experience more of what life has to offer. Incense helps you remember the past. You can experience aromatherapeutic healing qualities through smell and sight at the same time. Use incense when you want: • More creativity • More mental health • More energy • More sexual desire • More mental focus • Less stress • Less anxiety • Less depression • Less physical pain • Less insomnia Save on bundles Set of 12 Incense Bundles Have the scent for any occasion and save money with 12 complete bundles of 11 inches incense sticks! M-900 $39.78 Set of Six Classic Incense Bundles M-890 $19.90 Set of Six Favorite Incense Bundles M-880 $19.90 Exotic Incense Bundles Each bundle is approximately: 85-100 sticks. Made in the USA. $3.98 each bundle. Best Sellers • Frank & Myrrh M-873 • Egyptian Musk M-893 • Frankincense M-883 • Kush M-895 • Barack Obama M-881 • Rastafarian M-882 • Black Coconut M-861 • Blue Nile M-862 • Coco Mango M-863 • Honey Vanilla M-864 • Jasmine M-865 • Rain M-866 • Eat It Raw M-851 • Lick Me All Over M-852 • Mango Butter M-853 • Pink Sugar M-854 • Rose M-855 • Strawberry M-856 • African Musk M-891 • Baby Powder M-871 • Cherry M-892 • China Musk M-872 • Egyptian Vanilla M-894 • Jamaican Fruit M-884 • Lavender M-874 • Patchouli M-885 • Patti LaBelle M-875 • Sandalwood M-886 • Sex on the Beach M-896 • White Diamonds M-876 Body Mists Set of 12 of 4 oz. Body Mists Surround your senses with the light, sweet fragrances of body mists. M-270 $39.00 • Baby Powder • Barack Obama • Black Man • Black Woman • Cool Water • Egyptian Musk • Jamaican Fruit • Kush • Lavender • Michelle Obama • Pink Sugar • Pleasures

61 Nag Champa Incense 12 sleeves per box, 15 sticks per sleeve. 180 sticks total. Made in India. M-932 $27.90/box 40g Nag Champa Incense 12 sleeves per box, 40 sticks per sleeve. 480 sticks total. M-937 $59.90 Set Of 12 Curved Wood Incense Burners Incense not included. M-924 $13.90 Wood Incense Burners Incense burner with a storage compartment and fragrance cups. 12” X 2.5”. Made in India. M-912 $9.90 Set Of 12 Wooden Incense Burners 10”-10.5” long. Made in India. Comes in a set of twelve. M-911 $13.90 per set

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