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3. The leper 4. Woman

3. The leper 4. Woman with hemorrhaging We must remember, no man or woman can heal people or raise the dead, unless they are God [Jehovah]. And we must note that God may use other people, like doctors, nurses and good people to heal sick persons, but we as humans don’t have that power. Author Jack Wellman tells of a couple concepts in regard to the healing issue: 1. The Books of Acts and Gospels are, from an historical point of view, about Jesus’ ministry. 2. Some people today who read the Book of Acts think those miracles should be occurring today. 3. No one has seen fire over the head of a person who has seen the Holy spirit. Miracles do exist as far as God is concerned, for examples, a blind sinner seeing their sin and changing the human heart, and then seeing their sin and need for Jesus Christ. How true and interesting is this theory. It is stated in the Bible that healing miracles are temporary and a person will eventually die. But a born again person will have eternal life that can never be lost, and that person will live forever [John 3:16]. Faith healers are not biblical, because if they heal someone, they will get the credit, and if they are unable to heal someone, they will say it’s due to the person’s lack of faith. Remember, faith is a gift from God, and He may use the prayers of the believers to help them. The point is, faith healers are fake, because if a person doesn’t know the faith healer, then their faith may scatter and fall from God. True healings are classified – a sincere heart through repentance, brokenness and need for Jesus recognizing their sinfulness. An example of a great miracle is to remember God did turn a heart of stone into flesh, and we have eternal life and never can be lost [John 10:28] and the great miracle is that God did raise Jesus from the dead. So watch for faith healers; they are not who they claim to be, and have their own agendas. We should note there are healing rooms, and by now, you’re wondering what healing rooms have to do with the resurrection; we will tell you. No one can heal or reverse death but God. As we said earlier, no one has that power. From what we know, the healing rooms are simple rooms. The healing is sought from God. Back in earlier times, leaders like John Luke made healing rooms for the purpose of praying for sick and administering the divine power. For example, some

churches may use these rooms where a person fills out a form and then waits to get a prayer. In some cases, a praise and worship service is done first, and then later one or more people will pray over a person. There is also something called a prayer cloth that is prayed over and anointed with oils. This is used as an aid in healing. The charismatic view is a teaching based on heavy emphasis of speaking in tongues. Odd – right? We know that the Bible encourages us to pray for each other, and it’s not wrong to want healings; however, some healing rooms claim they have the highest regard for the sacrifice for Christ and the compassion for God. These places do raise some concerns, i.e. the incorrect interpretation of Isaiah 53:5, which some say it stated he was pierced for our transgressions, and by his wounds we are healed. And in the last part of this context the term healing is used incorrectly. It was meant to say our spiritual blessings that Jesus’ death provides – and that term “healing” is no exception. It’s a spiritual cure for sin, not human ailments. Some other misinterpretations are: • Believing it was meant to cure our bodies devalues the theory of Christ • The distribution of prayer clothes isn’t recommended anywhere in the Bible • Ministers’ rhetoric in healing rooms claim it purifies the city for the fourth coming through song. In [Mathew 24:14] Jesus tells us the preaching of gospel precedes the return of Christ. Likewise, a true healing of a city is when everyone repents from sin and turns to God [Jonah 3:6-10]. Once again, it states that spiritual miracles are forever, and physical miracles are temporary. After reading some stories about people who had gone to these rooms, I asked myself, “Why would a person want to go to a healing room and not go to their own church?” In looking for the answer, I ran across one in Michigan called E.C.C. I spoke with the Chaplin there who told me a few things about their service: • A lot of people come for quick and private prayer • Prayer there has helped some people • Their theory is that they help through God Like we’ve pointed out, prayers are good, but some miracles are temporary, and because today there are a lot of people who consider themselves as last resorters, these are some of the people who attend