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and that people are hypocrites. But we must remember that Jesus told us that it would be by our fruit that people would recognize us. There are other concerns why people don’t go to church. Quite often when people go to church to find God and Jesus, the churches are not really teaching about God [Jehovah]. [Romans 12:2] states: “… people that live like the rest of the world…” refers to godless and immortal motives people may have, and those people are not following the way of God; they are considered spiritually dead. These people also have not surrendered to God; they are enslaved in gratifying their sinful nature [Ephesians 2:3]. In the following verse these are also called unbelievers, and all at one point in time have lived among them. Yet, when we say all of us, we are referring to those who are separate from God, and who have fallen short of God’s glory. You must remember that these people use the concept “If it feels go, do it,” and in this sense, the term “gratifying” means they do whatever is natural to them. According to the Book of John, chapter one, it states: “Anyone who loves the world does not love the Father and is not for Him.” Spiritually dead people can have a sense of longing to be with God, but it was stated that a natural person will not receive things of the spirit of God [Corinthians 2:14]. Author C. S. Lewis states that it’s a sign we were made for another world. How interesting is that? At this time, you are probably wondering why we are talking about those three elements – God, church and people. It’s because all three of these things are connected to the theory of the resurrection of Jesus. We will consider the fact that Jesus died and will return to earth. Interestingly, it was stated that by 2050, 40% of Americans believe that Jesus will return in the next 40 years, and oddly, a small percentage believe that He won’t. And at the top of the believers is the 58% of white evangelist Christians who say He will return in this period. When it comes to people who claim no church that they go to, one in five see Jesus returning in the next four decades. It was found that people without a college degree are more likely to believe that Christ will return. A lot of churches and/or organizations are not teaching about the return of Christ or the end of time. Listed below are some traits – 1. People who are lovers of themselves 2. People who love money 3. People who tend to be proud, boastful and sometimes abusive

4. Lovers of pleasures rather than God According to the Bible, Paul tells us these people live according to the world and flesh, but not for Christ. For it tells us in the Bible we are sons of light and day; we are not part of night [Thessalonians 5:5]. So if we are to be spiritually alive, here are a few things we must remember: 1. Don’t be of this world, but be transferred by renewal of your mind. Discern what is the will of God and what is good and what is exceptional [Romans 12:2]. 2. No one can serve two masters [Matthew 6:24]. 3. See to it that no one takes you captive by philosophy and empty deceit [Colossians]. For the reasons listed below: 1. Some ministers don’t take the Bible seriously as God intended, and this includes the new reform churches of today. 1. Some ministers have received a secular education; Dr. Howard Hendricks tells us the ugly fact is most pastors are silent on the subject because they just don’t know about it. He tells us you can’t part from something you don’t have. How interesting and odd that a pastor might not know how to prepare people for the return of Christ. 2. And there are ministers who are not willing to do the hard work of studying God’s word. It was stated that it takes a self-disciplined person to study the Bible so they can give a well thought out message. Some pastors are avid readers. Paul in the Bible told his son Timothy to give special attention to reading; but remember we are not blaming our pastors for their lack of knowledge, but merely stating a fact. Yet, oddly, there may be only a handful that teach people about the end of time. And this brings us to a big problem - over half of us are not living the way God wants us to. Jesus stated the Christian way of life is the best way possible, and he also stated He came to give His followers abundant life [John 10:10].